01st March 2016

The scenery coming back I realized, Andra Pradesh is a beautiful state. Long stretches of land. The usual Indian dryness is there, but it was nice. I missed it all in the night bus when going. If I am coming again to Tirupathi, I think I would take either a day time train or a bus and enjoy the scenery along the way. The couple that I met had come by train from Chennai. It would be a good trip. It doesn't take that long either. There are buses of lowest to the highest levels of comfort to choose from, so it wouldn't be bad. Then after coming to Tirupathi, I can take a loaf around the Tirupathi town and maybe even do some window shopping. Enjoy a full extra day in Tirupathi, check out what other things are there to see and then go to the Kovil on the second day morning. That would be good and relaxed. One thing is for sure, I will definitely come back to this place with my family one day. It is very very worth returning. The bus ticket was only 178INR. I got a semi sleeper non AC. It was comfortable.


Semi sleeper bus ticket Tirupathi to Chennai


This is the ticket which was automatically cancelled which Sve bought for me online. Cost INR222.00 Sleeper AC.

Still in the same clothes I wore leaving Chennai one day before, I seriously needed a shower and change of cloths. Now that my phone is not working I can't call Sve. What I miss the most is that, I can't take pictures of this ride back to Chennai.

When I arrived in Chennai, I couldn't go to Sve's apartment as I didn't have a key. So I went straight to her office and sent her a message through the security. Her office is at Express Avenue shopping mall so it made it easier to hang around until she finished work. By the time I got to Chennai it must have been something around 2pm or later. Sve finish work at about 4 or 5pm so not much time, I told her I will hang at the mall area and we could meet at the KFC once she's done. By now, I must be stinking, because I am in the same clothes what I wore last morning. I am a hobo! Oh well, nothing I could do about it.

Went to the mall and was checking out whats new. At the Big Bazaar, it was nostalgic. Went back in time when I was living in Agra and Big Bazaar was our Haven. I have another trip tomorrow, to Goa. While I am here, I could get some stuff to eat on my way there or even for the rest of my train journeys. I already have Cream Crackers, a Sri Lankan cracker biscuit to eat on the train and during my travels. I knew I wouldn't be trying train food at-least at the first stage of my trip. So this is what would keep me going without making me sick. I couldn't afford gastro-intestinal disease now or at any point of this trip. I am alone, and there's no one to take care of me, so health is my first priority. At the Big Bazaar I got a Sunfest peanut biscuit and Amul spread cheese to go with my crackers. Something I really missed a lot was Lays chips & a bottle of Maaza which I grabbed at the sight of it..aaahh...I am in India for sure now and loving it :)

Met Sve after work. She was with a friend. I can't remember his name. We all were gonna share the same auto-rickshaw back to the apartment. But on our way, we were to stop at a place. It seems that, this friend had rescued a street dog who was covered with a skin rash and wounds. He had taken him to a vet, treated him and had paid them to take care of the dog. We went to the vet and waited till the doctor was done with her patients. While we were waiting, there was another dog. A Labrador and his master in the waiting room. We had a chat with the master and all of us petting the Labrador because he was so adorable. This was no ordinary Labrador. This is a Kolliwood Star! The Master tells us that, he had just finished a movie. According to the master, the dog gets sick after every movie. Apparently he had acted in several Tamil movies and in this last one he worked in, he was the STAR! So, if you ever watch a Tamil movie a version of the HATCHI dog's movie, then, the dog who acts in it, is this dog I am talking about. Seeing this Lab made me miss my dog. My Black Labrador Kalu Balu back home :( I shouldn't start missing my dog, I just came here and just starting off my trip.

Once the doctor was done taking her patients, the attendant brought the dog my friend rescued. He was doing good. This pet clinic had taken good care of him. In another few days, he could be set free. 



IMG-20160705-WA0000There is a Facebook group about this wonderful charity to help street dogs in India. If you want to contribute in any form click this link.

After seeing the dog, we dropped Sve's friend and went back to the apartment. We were both tired and all I wanted was to wash up. I wanted to get out of the clothes and wash them too, but I have only one pair of jeans to wear, so I couldn't wash them. Hopefully, the place I stay in Goa has a washing machine. My phone had run out of battery by now. Communicating to my family was through Sve. I told my family that my phone got stuck and now out of battery, so once it's fully charged, I will be back on. Sve took me out to dinner that night. She took me to her favourite spot or rather the regular spot she goes to when she is too lazy to cook. We ordered “ulundu wade”that's what we call in Sri Lanka, in Chennai they call it "sambar wada".


Sambar Wada treat for me from Sve. Thank you for the treat and also for sending me this photo to post on the blog :)

I was not hungry after having a big bag of Lays and a large bottle of Maaza. But Sve wanted to give me a treat. Wada is something I can handle, something small. But when it was served, it was nothing I expected. There were 2 Wada in a bowl of gravy. It was a sort of like a curry/soup bowl with 2 Wada in it. Wow, this I haven't seen before. When Wada is served in Sri Lanka, it is only the one Wada with chutney, unless of course you specifically order a meal. Wada is actually a side dish like fries or salad to have with dosa or parata...something like that. But here in this Chennai restaurant, this Wada comes as a dish itself. Sve tells me this is something she has often and likes. It tasted good. Only that, I was too tired and no way had an appetite to eat.

Back again to the apartment. I packed my things. The plan for tomorrow is that we both go to the city together and get down at Sve's office and I head to the train station. My train leaves at 11am, so I had plenty of time. Sve said her room mate would be back this night, so I could stay till later and head to the station. But I preferred going with Sve, then we could hang out. During my stay here I hardly got to spend enough time with her, to get to know her, so I didn't mind getting up early and going to the city with her. Had a wash, it was divine. My phone was still being charged. It was a last good night Chennai.

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