29th February 2016

I got into a bus from the Chennai Central train station to head to Marina Beach. The bus ride was interesting. The bus cost me INR5/= and it was a long ride. Everything is still too big for me, I am just getting used to being in a bigger country than Sri Lanka. There wasn't much crowd in the bus yet, the men would always give the ladies to sit first and would sit only if there were seats left.


I thought it was very decent of the men in Tamil Nadu to behave like that. There were students going to school maybe, in uniform and then older students going to college. The ladies were all having flower decorated hair.


Women wear flowers on their hair. Almost everyone does it and it's cute. Women are very conservative and traditional in their fashion sense.

They were fresh flowers which are sold on the streets almost everywhere in Chennai. Since they were fresh, it was quite nice to sit next to a lady because the beautiful smell of the flowers would fill the air around her. It was like natural perfume. Flowers on ladies' hair was nice, I wanted to have on mine too but my hair is just too short.

People wondered why I was taking pictures in the bus, maybe they thought I am from North of India. The women in Chennai, though helpful, are a bit proud. Wouldn't smile or talk to you just 'cause. But they would help you out if you ask for it. The lady seated next to me in the bus was giving me stares and didn't want to be in my pictures. So when I took a selfie she turned away and looked outside the window.


At the Marina beach, the bus stop was on the other side of the road, so had to cross. It was a huge beach stretching to eternity. The road and the surroundings were pretty clean and well constructed. I was impressed at the infrastructure. This time I didn't notice Chennai to be a smelly city. The heat was terrible and definitely didn't allow for a day at the beach. The sun was so bright that you even see heat rings around it!


It is so hot here that there is even a ring of heat around the sun

The sea and the beach was nice. Long stretch of yellow sand and stalls with freshly caught seafood to sell. They were cooked in an interesting way. Was quite tempting, but being vegetarian,didn't try one [although I should have]. I have not seen seafood been prepared like that before.



Although these people have this beautiful stretch of sea and lovely sand, they haven't bothered to keep it clean. If only it was clean, this could have been one of the beautiful beaches in the country. Everything from the entrance to parking spaces and vendor stall etc. all infrastructure is built for a good time at the beach. But, sadly the people have made this the most dirtiest beach I have ever seen!


First as I saw the beach I removed my shoes to walk on the sand, and when I saw what was in the sand put them back on as I didn't want to hurt myself. All garbage from paper to bottles and glass and plastic...it was terrible. I was afraid that pieces of glass would go inside my sandals and cut me. Note: be careful when walking on the Marina Beach cos it could do some damage, no joke. So needless to say, there wasn't a spot to sit on the sand and enjoy the surrounding.



cycle-rickshaw parked at the beach


Walked closer to the sea and by the waves it was much better. You can let your feet be free and feel the Indian ocean touching them.


Touching the Indian Ocean from the other end

Interesting, on the other side of this sea is my little country.

For a week day, there were many people on the beach. Boys, girls, couples, families. Surprising. It seemed like people in Chennai enjoyed going to the beach. Some were swimming and almost everyone was enjoying getting wet :) The women in Chennai are very decent and traditional. Even to the beach I didn't notice anyone wearing western clothes. They were all dressed in shalwar and dupatta with the flowers in their hair, braided if long. No one was wearing shorts or swim attire. Even if they were bathing in the sea. There were boys in trunks just swimming and playing, but no woman was showing off skin.


The sea wasn't clean either. When bathing in Marina Beach also be very cautious. Because there were coconuts and bottles floating on the water and drifting towards the beach. I noticed people just picking them up and throwing back to the sea! Why?! That was a stupid thing to do as they will wash back up. But they did it anyway. There were so many glass bottles and pieces of glass everywhere. Maybe people were drinking alcohol in the night [those who came to the beach in the night]. They looked very much like the alcohol bottles sold. But then again, you can't blame only the people. Even the stalls which were there or anywhere else in the area I didn't see garbage bins for people to throw their stuff. So where were they supposed to dump them anyway? Although everything was so well built by the government, no one has bothered to keep garbage bins.

As I strolled along the beach with the waves touching my feet I missed home. And my little country on the other-side.


The sight was nice. The people laughing and shouting in cheer, fishing boats parked alongside. If it was a cleaner place I would definitely be tempted to dive into the ocean. There were little crab babies walking on the sand. They were so cute. I wanted to take pictures of them, but it was difficult. As I got closer, they hid under the sand. My zoom on the camera wasn't strong enough to capture them at a distance. I struggled to take atleast one, but failed. I must have looked quite silly trying to take pictures of the sand. And I DID try for quite some time!





so many attempts to take one shot at the small crabs. they would hide in those small holes in the sand

finally a shot at one crab

I walked a long distance and for a long time. Hey, I had time to kill until 5pm. I was supposed to meet Sve at 1 or 2pm. It was something like 11am now, so I was in no hurry.

After my walk on the beach, I came back to a stall to sit and rest and to get away from the hot sun. I sat there and started typing what I felt.

There's nothing like a good walk along the beach to get over all your heartaches. I'm at the marina beach,and it's so relaxing. Probably the most dirtiest beach I've ever seen. Filled with so much garbage all over the place. The most sanitized place here would be the salt water in the sea itself. Even the water had bottles and other stuff floating in the waves. And when it comes to the beach, people pick them up and throw them back to the sea! Don't they get that the wave would just bring them back? Not recommended for a relaxing sun bath or a sea bath. Although there are plenty who do so. All Indians I suppose, didn't see any foreigners. The sand is burning hot at about 11 am when I came here. Took a bus 2A directly to marina beach. Cost only 5inr. 
Having said all that, to me just strolling down the beach waves touching my feet, the sea breeze inspite of the dirt and garbage the ocean experience and the whole feeling it stir up in me was very much needed. Odd being on the other end of the Indian Ocean.
All in all the best advice for anyone after a break up, travel!


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