The transition from summer to fall is usually right when the sick season peaks. I too am currently suffering from the common cold, but I am here to give some tips on surviving the it.

Drink Water- Drinking water is important in general, but especially important when you are sick. I am currently loving teas, specifically barley, peppermint, and green tea.



Hydrate Your Skin- If anything, please read this part about skincare. Everyone has different symptoms when sick, but for me everything gets dry. My skin gets dry and dull and my lips also get crazy dry. First for the skin, I moisturize with the Aveda Toner and the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream. I focus on I swear by these two products; both products I have killed and repurchased twice. They are legit magic. Many people skip out on toner but I definitely think it is the most important step, it really leaves your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. For my fellow lazy people, try looking for a moisturizer that has toner included in it. To hydrate my lips I took a break from my usual Vaseline and am trying Carmax. So far so good.

Repair Your Skin- To further repair any dryness, breakouts, and dullness, I have masks to come to the rescue. I love masks and I am constantly trying out new ones, but these are my current favorites. To attack any dryness, I use Sheet Masks. I gravitate towards Korean aloe masks because I feel like it benefits my skin the most, but sheet masks are available anywhere. All sheet masks specialize in different problems so make sure to read the labels. A tip for sheet masks is to put them in the refrigerator until you use them because the coldness feels so refreshing on your skin. Strangely when my skin is dry I also breakout more. For my stubborn breakouts I use the Dead Sea Mud Mask. For those struggling with breakouts, please purchase this, I highly highly recommend. It takes all of the toxins, oils, and leaves your skin feeling so good. The SkinFood Rice Mask is my newest addition to my mask family and I am loving it. When sick you feel groggy and my skin definitely looks dull, but this mask does wonders. Most masks you question if it actually brightened your skin or if you just think and hope it did something, but for this product, don’t second guess because it works. (I will do another blog post going deeper into each mask and why it is the best)

Be Active- I get it, when your sick you want to lay down and do nothing, but I actually recommend being somewhat active. Obviously you don’t have to go run a marathon or do 30 laps in the pool, but just take a walk or a jog. If your like me, when sitting down I actually feel more stuffy, standing and moving allows me to breathe better.

Meals and Medicine- This is kind of a no brainer, but make sure to eat proper meals before taking medication. I take NyQuil and DayQuil and it’s just magic for curing me. A tip is to take NyQuil about an hour before you sleep so it really kicks in, plus after taking it you will sleep so well.

Outfits- Obviously there is the option of dressing like a bum and staying in bed, but for those who are going out and still want to be comfortable and warm, I have an outfit for you.



Today was Vivian’s birthday (Happy Birthday!!), so I went out to dinner with her and Hannah; this is what I wore. Some of you might say I shouldn’t be wearing a dress, but in my defense California is still hot. Again, I am wearing an oversized tee and I am obsessed with this one, it says Blondie on it (Zara Mens). My coat is from Loft; it is super soft and warm. My socks have stripes on it, blue and yellow, which compliment the yellow and blue on the tee. And I finished my outfit with my new white Adidas Samoas. I think this outfit was perfect for the occasion and I felt very warm in it.

Sleep- To end this post I am telling all of my fellow sick people to get tons of rest. Honestly, I feel like I got sick because I have been getting no sleep, so while I’m sick might as well sleep a lot.

Published by Becky Eunmi Yoo