Everyone has their own way of dealing with the responsibilities and pressures of adulthood. I have coffee and binge drinking. Others have erratic displays of immature behaviour (hate to admit it, but also me).

I think everyone needs that one little thing that reminds them they are still sane, still themselves, and still a fun child at heart. A way to escape from adulthood even if it is just for a second.

The journey through adulthood is hard, tough and unforgiving and most of the time we are going to get it wrong. When we do, we need these little treasures to fall back on, almost little comforts, to allow us to keep pushing forward, keep trying. The key is to love others, by treating others with kindness it can make us feel good, can even make a huge difference even if it feel small and insignificant.Sounds selfish right? But this can help us to learn to love ourselves.

There are a lot of pressures to experience, making sure you are budgeting, not drinking, looking for jobs, being mature, staying healthy, only making good decisions. Bit boring if you ask me, who would want to do all that?

You are allowed to break some rules, this doesn’t mean you are failing at being an adult, just taking some time to adjust!

Looking at your parents when we were younger, giving the impression they had their shit together, well i hate to break it to you but they lied. I don’t think I know of many adults who really truly think ‘I’ve got my shit together’, but hey there are so many adults in the world without their shit together, does it really matter?

Nope, I know I could be doing a much better job at being an adult, but I know one thing, if I am going to do this I am going to have fun whilst doing it. At the end of the day you cannot plan for all the unexpected things that can occur when you’re an adult, you have your shit together and then you get hit by a plane.

So if I am going to get fucked by life, I would rather have fun doing it whilst trying to get my shit together and try to make a difference to other peoples lives and make others smile.



Published by Katy-Jane Pitt