EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam sheet is copolymer gum used for encapsulation of Solar cells. It does not only protect the cell from bumps and shocks but also increases the life of solar cells by preventing oxygen and other gasses from oxidizing the cell during the normal function of producing power. The EVA copolymer is based on two proportions which are, first, a low amount of EVA (around up to 4%) also denoted as vinyl acetate improved polyethylene. Second, a medium proportion of EVA (just about 4 to 30%) is called a thermoplastic ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer.

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Uses of Eva foam sheets manufactured in India?

EVA Foam sheet is an extremely multipurpose product enhancing a broad range of different uses and applications. It is an effective spare for many materials including felt, natural rubber, PVC foam, wood composites, mineral wool and fiberglass. Uses of EVA foam are:

  • Mats produced from EVA foam- These EVA foam mats are being used for a sports practice due to its comfort-ness and noise absorbing skill. Also ensures a good grip on the ground and is a water resistant item the reason for which they could be easily cleaned.
  • Padding in sport equipment- It could be sued in various sports like bicycle saddles, pads used in hockey, gloves and helmets, boots in waterski. Also used a shoe sole because it could absorb sweat and as a shock absorber.
  • Flooring from EVA foams- The best option for the tiles in the exercise room, the gyms, martial art studios and trade shows. The maintenance cost automatically decreases, soft and safe material and long-lasting material.
  • Low-cost packaging solution- The EVA foams are the best solutions for packaging as they are light-weighted, water resistance and noise reduction method. A naturally cushioning and strong material. They could also be flexibly fabricated by any machine.

Benefits of EVA foam sheets?

EVA foam sheet is a secure cell foam made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and merged copolymers. It has a high level of chemical cross connecting. The outcome is semi-inelastic product with a fine constant cell erection. Advantages are:

  • Impact and shock immersion
  • Meteorological conditions, chemical and grease resistance
  • Auditory and thermal lagging properties
  • Toughness with low water absorption
  • Aptness for thermoforming
  • It has elasticity, durability, lightweight, waterproof and easy to wash

The industrial chain:

The foam is formed in a mould, bring about in a form of a sheet of Secured Cell Foam known as a bun. The supreme length, width, and thickness of the bun varies depending upon the foam's solidity. Cutting the bun into sheets of the required wideness or fabricate the material into a particular shape, piece or profile.

The manufacturing process of EVA foam material includes granulation, joining together and foaming. EVA gum will be processed into small sufficient granules, and then in accordance with some proportion, these particles blended with other extracts, different creations, can generate different EVA foam material. Then it is sold to EVA foam products manufacturer to produce useful products, such as shoes. Scrap generated in the foam producing process can be recycled and sort out as renewable EVA foam.