First thing's first, I apologize for the lack of updates yesterday. I've got a new bought of eczema that has taken over my face and took residence at the doctor's office. Hence lip swatches aren't going to be happening for a little while. But, we've still got some arm swatches going on today for my past drugstore haul, specifically Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark and Makeup Academy's High Shine lipstick in Nude.

If you haven't seen the trend in the lipstick color's I've been choosing as of late, I've been looking for that perfect brown lipstick for my skin tone. I'd love to wear a chocolate brown or medium brown that doesn't give me "butthole mouth". So here's taking a swing at more of a nude-toned brown lipstick.

MUA's High Shine lipstick in Nude is a warm, light-medium brown (closer to a dark tan shade). The packaging is pretty flimsy plastic, but I love that it shows the color at the top rather than the bottom of the tube. My eternal fear is that gravity is going to pull all my upside-down lipsticks so far down that they get crushed against the top of their container and I'll be forced to apply lipsticks with a blunt tip! As you can see from the swatch, it is true to the "high shine" portion of the name. Not really a lacquer like shine, but kind of a "wet lipstick" shine though that does diminish as the lipstick fades off your lip.

The other "swatchable" product I got in my past drugstore haul is Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark. In that drugstore haul post I talked about how I'm looking for a natural contour color; one that doesn't make me look red or orange or like I contoured with blush. This bronzer is promising as the box says "orange-free" and KathleenLights on YouTube always raves about it (all I watch on YouTube is cat videos and beauty gurus, of course). Because I was looking to contour with it mainly, I chose the darker of the 2 shades. There's a Light to Medium and Medium to Dark, so if your skin is super fair or darker that medium/dark you'll most likely be out of luck with this bronzer. But that seems to be a trend with Physician's Formula, not a brand for large ranges of skin tones. I swatches the bronzer next to MUA's Nude lipstick so you can compare the opacity and shades. I do like that it comes with a mirror and a small brush (a small, wiry brush). 

As soon as my face is no longer contorted with eczema I'll try to do a FOTD with these! Let me know if you've tried any of these and how they worked for you.

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Published by Jia Kaffeine