Growing up was full of drama and heart warming memories and that always put smiles on my face whenever these memories flashes through my mind...It feels just like yesterday...when we used to have our little quarrels and running around the compound as if we were the only kids in the house...😂
The memory of me tagging along with you and your friends with my cute little and fro school...the bond was just too strong and too real and it still is...the question should be what didn't we do together as sisters?? Mum was even wondering if we were friends or siblings lol...I remember how I used to patiently wait for her whenever she was using the toilet just because she was scared (and still is) of wall geckos!!! Imagine! Well I didn't have any choice but to just stand beside her as she comfortably sat on the pot to "down" (POOP!) 😂😂😂😂 hmmmm with all that smell I had to endure lmao...But trust me it was fun..because that was the time our gossip moment was at its peak... We started this gossip business very early in life so we are expects now..😂😂😂😂
In as much as we fooled together ,we learnt a lot from each other as well..Sharon is my inspiration, my best friend, my mother (no offence mum) and everything in this world...words can't really qualify what we share...and I'm  extremely blessed to have her as my sister...I LOVE YOU SHARON...And you know it...



"People see us on the street walking side by side without truly knowing what being sisters is like , a one-after-the-other sisterhood or relationship.
Someone will say "oh I know what that means because I have a sister who comes right after me", but no sister, you don't! And I say that with authority because being a big sister to THIS one girl goes beyond just sisterhood; its an entire "lifestyle" and I wont bother explaining because I mostly don't get it myself.
Can you imagine another person wearing your clothes you adore so much? On one hand, you are pissed that she's wearing it, on another hand you're so glad she looks so darn this point, you look at her with "loving mother eyes"
How about someone who wears your intimate clothing (oh and I mean veerrry intimate clothing) without any care in the world? HER! guess what happens after a hard day's work? She throws them into the laundry basket, waiting for you to put them in the machine, launder them and SHE appears, snatch them right back up!
But in all these(and more), don't I love this girl; my confidante, my partner in crime (watch out before we steal your heart 😋), my leg-fight-on-bed rival (I'm the champ by the way)"




"There are so many stories between us, like how we'd run a race to the toilet to see who sat on it first to pee or poop (eww right?), but no matter who won, we'd still sit side by side on the same toilet bowl seat and do our individual businesses together amid so much laughter. (Don'tell our mum though, she'd travel back in time and kill us if she knew! )

But that's it! Our individuality together is one unique thing about us. Hell I'm 3 years older than her but we're more than twins.

She gets on my nerves way more than anyone but what can I do? We're stuck like glue.
Every morning we have to have our "ritual conversation" else LITTLE SISTER will be soooo grumpy the entire day. Huh? Where does this happen?
And woe betides you if we manufacture a nickname for you. Lmao! Insane right? We've nicknamed people based on a whole lot.;like Starbite, "bronyi" (for a very very dark person) etc..😂😆.......yeah and Bruce Lee too..lmao

But kudos little sister!
I'm still hatching a plan to "hack" and take over your life ...maybe in our next life I should come second but you'd still be in my life and I'd be your LITTLE BIG SISTER! "


Her piece got me a bit "teary" though but its sure worth it..Family is everything and we need to cherish every little second we spend with our families..Appreciating the little things in life goes a long way to develop one's self so have that in mind...Thanks for reading and I Love you.




Published by Flora Denutsui