You have seen how your child runs towards the swing when you take her to a park. Hence, you have been thinking for long now to buy one for her and fix it in your garden. But, you and your spouse are still dicey on the decision as you are worried for her safety as well.

Thus, you can take these following precautions before purchasing a swing. That way, you don’t have to keep an eye on her every time she goes into the garden to play.

Tips to ensure your child’s safety on swings

  • Take feedback from neighbours and friends who have models like the one you’re planning to buy. Also, read the user reviews online before finalising on the swing set.
  • Cushion under and around the swing in the playground or the garden, wherever you decide to keep it. This ensures a safe fall without hurting her face or knees. Thus, provide the cushion with something soft, like sand or shredded-rubber tyres.

However, you must keep in mind, supervision is necessary. Not all the time, but do it especially right after installing the swings. It’ll help your child understand the precautions she needs to take to keep herself safe.

Now, that you’re convinced that you’ll be able to provide her with necessary safety measures, let’s help you choose a swing style.

Different swing styles for your home

  • Adirondack swing sets

They have a real American look for their classic design. They have a deep and slopping seat, full arms, and the backrest is vertically tilted to assure your child’s comfort.

  • Sling swing

It’s the one that your child loves riding in the park. The swing comes with a sturdy and robust sling with a single seat. The slings are made like this so that it can easily carry the weight of an adult as well.

  • Canopy swing

Your child will love this swing that comes with an attractive design. You can keep it in your open-garden without worrying about the sun as it comes with an attached canopy at the top. Thus, it protects your child from the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Bed-like swings

It’ll be an ultimate leisure accessory for your family. The swing comes with an extensive lounging area where you can sit or even take a power nap. However, you need a sturdy and hard beam to hang them and ensure the safety of whoever sits on them, including your child.

Choose the swing material

Select the material for your garden swing wisely to ensure that it lasts longer. Also, you have to see that the material used is suitable for outdoor usage. Thus you can go for:

  • Teakwood swings

Teakwood ensures durability along with giving the swings an aesthetic value. It also provides natural resistance to insects and termites because of its natural oil content.

  • Acrylic swings

Since you plan to install a porch swing, you must ensure the sunlight doesn’t affect its material. Hence, buy an acrylic swing to avoid such a problem. It’s also easy to clean and highly durable.

Thus, surprise your child with her favourite playtime accessory to see the most beautiful smile on her face!

Published by scott jack