Every one of us has experienced when life deals blow after blow, pain after hurt. Those days where nothing seems right and you wonder why life is this unfair. The hardest part is the effort to carry on, the effort to smile. You feel as though happiness is unattainable.

To heal and to find happiness isn’t hard, we just convince ourselves that nothing can feel good again. We focus on the bad that has happened instead of shifting the perception to any possible good.

Instead of switching off to numb the pain and forget everything that has happened, one should shift their focus to switching on a new light. Start leading a new story that brings you happiness. Firstly find something that makes you happy and put all your energy into reaching the goal you set. Get fit, focus on obtaining new knowledge or choose a new career. Visualise what you want and put all your energy into obtaining it. You’ll end up forgetting what hurts you and start loving your new focus. Start small, you can’t expect to be happy in a day; healing needs patience.

Secondly do something every day that makes you happy. No matter how tiny. Put on a good song, with a good beat and dance, sway first and eventually reach a state of looking completely crazy. If dancing isn’t your forte, then find something else. Watch something funny, call someone who makes you laugh. You can find joy in the little things. Teach yourself to smile even if you don’t feel like it, soon you’ll realise how good it feels to smile again.

Spend time in nature. It can be as simple as walking out of your front door and admiring the glow of the moon and the sprinkle of stars which hold greater mysteries than mankind has ever known. Appreciate the beautiful Earth that holds us together. Look at the beauty that surrounds you, the golden morning glow on the arching leaves. Draw the energy that the universe provides us. The universe reciprocates what you give to it. Give it love and happiness and you will receive the same back. Show someone that you care, love or miss them – one simple message. Appreciate someone who has guided you or shown you support. Or just stand in nature and appreciate all that it provides you: the food you eat, the wood you burn, the beauty it shares with all willing to look.

Understand that it will get better. You just have to learn to believe.

Published by Casey Roche