Rating: 5 Stars

Sworn to Sovereignty is the eighth book in Terah Edun’s Courtlight series and has the most twist and turns of any book yet. If you haven’t already read any of the Courtlight books, I highly recommend that you start!

Amazon Description

Ciardis Weathervane has one simple rule – win the first fight, then move on to the next. But she’s finding out that the citizens of Sandrin have other plans in mind.

When she returns to the imperial capital city, she finds that nothing is as she left it. Only a week has passed and yet chaos reins. Vana Cloudbreaker has been attacked and surprisingly, she did not come out on top.

The woman Ciardis thought was invincible stands a broken shell of what she once was and Ciardis isn’t entirely sure what or who was the cause of the fabled assassin’s derailment.

To top it off, the revolutionary party is determined to make itself known, starting with a call for an impostor emperor to vacate his throne. They couldn’t have chosen a worse time to start their revolution. Right when the noble societies at court are ready to throw their support to the prince heir and princess heir-in-waiting against the blutgott itself.

Now revolutionaries and courtiers are at odds, but even stranger—the duchess of Carne stands among the revolutionary guard. Ciardis is faced with the predicament of saving an empire and sacrificing a revolution, all while facing down a clock that has run out of the time.

The gods are here and there’s nothing that she nor anyone else can do to stop them.



Sworn to Sovereignty is one of my favorite Courtlight books yet, even though it did take me on an extreme emotional roller coaster! I was very nervous for Ciardis and everyone to return to Sandrin, but I also wanted to know how Vana and Meres had faired during Ciardis’s trip to Kifar.

The reappearance of Seven was something that I was hoping would not happen. The guy just gives me the creeps. Although, I do still want to know exactly what type of person/creature he is. After  his partnership with Maradian and his most recent part in the deaths of a large number of people, including some of my favorite characters, I really can’t wait for him to get what’s coming his way. You know what they say about karma.

The deaths of Vana and Meres were very heartbreaking for me. I had grown to really like Vana throughout the series and I had like Meres from the start. What was even more hearbreaking was when the imposter Sebastian was trying to kill Ciardis. I was having terrible flashbacks to Peta’s brainwashing in The Hunger Games trilogy and thinking this cannot be happening. Needless to say, I was extremely relieved when the real Sebastian burst in and saved the day.

I am still curious about what the current status of Lillian Weathervane is. I imagine Maradian using her as leverage in the upcoming attack or some other sort of curve ball being thrown involving Lillian. I have never been a very big fan of Lillian’s, however, I understand Ciardis’s need for family and how hurt she would be if something were to happen to her mother. Especially since Maradian just had her brother Caemon killed along with all of her other friends and allies.

Speaking of allies, I know I am not the only reader who is happy that Thanar and Sebastian seem to be becoming friends. I personally prefer Sebastian as Ciardis’s love interest, but I am also a fan of Thanar. When Thanar disappeared after Ciardis gave him a piece of her mind regarding his plan to get rid of Maradian, I was simply thinking, “this cannot be happening,” and when he showed back up on the Underground City, I performed my own little happy dance.

Overall, Sworn to Sovereignty was another great book and I have already ordered Terah’s next book in the Courtlight series, Sworn to War, which is set to be released July 29th. Until then I will be anxiously waiting to find out what happens next in the lives of Ciardis, Sebastian, and Thanar.

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