Finally! I have been waiting for Terah Edun to release the next Courtlight book for what seems like years. Okay, it was only a month, but it sure did seem like years. I do have to admit though, the wait was well worth finding out more about Ciardis and her adventures in Algardis.

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Ciardis Weathervane is facing a war on two fronts. One with the dragons. One with the deities. 

She is ready to face the god that they’ve known was coming for months, but the people that she thought would coalesce around her are faltering under the pressure, the lies, and the deceit. 

She knows that the very foundation between ruler, nobility, and commoner had fractured down to its core. Now the capital city and its people need to be reforged, bound in fire before they’re consumed by brimstone. 

But the citizens of the empire need more than a speech to believe in the rulers that betrayed them just days before. With their empire on the line, Sebastian lays out his first ruling edict which may be more than even he bargained for. 

As Sandrin comes together once more before the final struggle, the daemoni prince is struck down and the princess heir-in-waiting has doubts as to whether they can forge a more perfect union without the one that completes their souls. 

With Thanar trapped in purgatory while they fight to resurrect the city that gave them life—Ciardis and Sebastian are in a battle to the death against a god bent on living forever.

Review *Spoilers Ahead!*

Sworn to War was an amazing addition to The Courtlight Series and the world of Algardis. From the very beginning you are taken on an emotional ride with too many twists and turns to count. Just when you think Ciardis, Sebastian, and Thanar are gaining the upper hand on the emperor, the emperor has another trick up his sleeve. 

When the emperor announces that one of his demands for the negotiation is the banishment of Thanar and Thanar agreed, I kept telling myself it couldn't be true. The final blow was when Thanar disappeared to the other realm and was essentially dead, I was officially heartbroken.

I am completely team Sebastian when it comes to Ciardis's romantic interest, but Thanar has grown on me and has even grown on Sebastian. We have already lost Vana and Merris, both of who were personal favorites of mine, and Terris and Christian are missing. Losing Thanar would be another terrible blow to my favorite Courtlight characters.

The moment Thanar returned even more powerful before and accompanied by Raisa no less, I was literally cheering out-loud ! My family looked at me like I had completely lost it, but that's okay. They aren't book-lovers like us, so they don't get it.

Now to wait for the next Courtlight book....

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