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Whem you are in Sydney there are three places where you MUST have to go, the first one is the Sydney Opera House, the second place is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the last one is the Darling Harbour. Those are place that will bring you another perspective of Sydney, another view from Sydney.

The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are like the most iconic places and structures from the city, they are very beautiful, no matter if you want to go at the morning, afternoon or at night, it is fantastic at any time! But the Darling Harbour has many things to do, is the best place to have a relax day and to enjoy the city, is full of restaurants, pubs, stores and is very nice whether if you are with your family or withh your friends, you can chillout even if you are alone!

The other special thing of the city is that Sydney is full of beaches but the most popular here (I think) is the Bondi Beach, where are a bunch of things to do, this beach is host of many events along the year, festivals, marathons, temporary ice rinks, etc. But also, at the streets that surround the beach are full of entertainment, restaurants, stores, and many more things that you will enjoy!

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