Besides offering a shoulder to cry on, a listening year, and a hug, sometimes the ideal thing to provide someone mourning a loss is a sweet gift. It may seem a simple gift, but human beings require to indulge when facing a hard and challenging time. Sympathy gifts are essential to help support people in sorrow. You can let one know that you share in their sadness, misfortune, or loss by gifting them personalized sympathy gifts from This piece will shed more information on five of the best sympathy gifts that will help show you care when a loved one has suffered a loss. We have studied the most quality and meaningful gifts, and below are our favorites.

Memorial Jewelry

Going through the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges one can endure. Therefore, being there for a friend who's going through the grieving process requires time, support, and even some unique and personalized gifts. With this, you can be sure to offer your deepest sympathies with a unique sympathy gift that will help express your heartfelt sentiments. At Gift Tree, you can pick between personalized braces or necklaces with the name or date of the loved ones or jewelry to hold ashes. These are gifts that will preserve the memory of the loved ones, and the bereaved can wear them next to their heart.

Sympathy Gift Baskets

A gift basket will bring about a special joy to both the receiver and the gift-giver. We have a wide array of gift baskets that you can use to show a gesture of love, concern, care, and support. It is quite hard to prepare and eat food when grieving. Therefore, a basket with tempting treats and snacks can help stimulate the appetite of the bereaved people. It will help them appreciate the thought which has gone into this gift. Even if you do not make, you can have the gift baskets sent right to the bereaved. 

Memorial Garden Crosses and Stones

If you want a lasting memorial gift, a beautiful garden stone or cross with a motivating text is the ideal sympathy gift. These gifts can also be hung on the wall or kept indoors where the bereaved can see them often. At Gift Tree, we have a wide array of memorial stones and crosses which come with different uplifting messages, which are both secular and religious. 

Flower Baskets

It goes without doubt that flowers are the most popular sympathy gifts in the world. Their beauty of nature makes them a great source of comfort to the bereaved. At Gift Tree, we partner with some of the best flower companies to ensure you send a sympathy flower basket anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes. 

Books on Grief

A book on grief that is linked to your relative or friend's situation can provide a great source of comfort. We have come up with a whole library of the best grief books for everyone from widows, widowers, and orphans, among others. 

These are some of our favorite sympathy gifts that will show your care. Visit Gift Tree for more options that will fit your specific situation.


Published by James Howart