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The story today will be around a short getaway of 2 weirdos on a motorbike to Ta Xua.

A long time ago (to be specific – 6 months ago), there were two Vietnamese weirdos (me and my friend named K) decided to go to a mystery place named Ta Xua. Calling this mystery since it is a small town located on the mountain up to the North of Vietnam; and in the morning, it is well hidden under a sea of cloud. Therefore, the journey to Ta Xua is normally named as “Cloud Hunting Adventure”. Rumour has also mentioned about the “legendary” dinosaur backbone trekking – at the height of 2865m. The trek is famous for its difficulty due to its rough climbing path, deep cliffs and heavy wind along two sides of the mountain.

“Let’s do this”! K said.

In order to conquer the legendary dinosaur trek, we planned to stay in Ta Xua for around 3-4 days. According to the plan, we would start around noon on Thursday and come back to Hanoi on Sunday. 1 day before the trip, I and K went to supermarket and prepared heaps of stuff (food cans, water, mosquito killer spray, lighter, etc). We even bought ourselves new pair of shoes to getter ready for the challenging trek. However, …

“Hey K! Few thing went wrong…” I texted K on Thursday morning.

One day before the trip, the weather was forecasted to be raining heavily and mudslide in mountain area (including Ta Xua).  Besides, my parents forced me to stay home since they don’t like the idea of girl doing hiking. All added up together, which made me cancel the trip with K. Oh well! If people said “man proposes but God disposes”; in my case, it must be GOD plus my parents dispose. You can imagine how disappointed I and K were. The first attempt to Ta Xua failed and ended up with a long coffee talk about how boring our life could be.

Oh well, but I believed we all heard this quote: “If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters”.

So we didn’t give up. We tried to work on plan B – 2 day trips to Ta Xua.

The good thing about a 2 day trip was I could convince my parents to go. However, the bad side of this is the limited time only allowing us to do “cloud hunting adventure” – not the trekking one. “That’s still good enough compared to not going at all” – we talked to ourselves.

Thanks to the failed plan A, we didn’t have to prepare much for this trip except some snack and fresh meat for the outdoor BBQ. 1 day before the trip, K and I went to hire the motorbike and tent. And I was so ready for the first road trip on a motorbike in my life.

You may asked me what happened to my parents? Well, they allowed me to go after I used some tricks, which I would like to keep it as a secret!

ta xua map

As we took motorbike, we chose a different route: Hanoi - Sơn Tây - Trung Hòa Bridge - Thu Cúc - T-Junction Thu Cúc (Route 32) - Turn left to Phù Yên - Bắc Yên (Route 37) - Ta Xua

Anyway, the trip started on a Saturday morning at 530am. Since K is a good rider, he told me we may reach Ta Xua around noon.  Meaning 7 hour ride. After around 1 hour, we stopped at a shop on the road for breakfast. Suddenly, K turned to me and said:

“Giang! I have something to confess… I’m afraid you may kill me after I say this”.

“What?” I asked.

“Sorry but I didn’t sleep at all last night”. K said

We still had 6 hours to go. The track is not easy when he had to ride on highway surrounded by mountain and deep cliff. What if he falls asleep while riding? This could be my first and last road trip in Vietnam and my entire life.

“Should we go back?” I asked K.

[To be continued]



Published by Giang Phan