Take credit for small victories in life, including cooking and tasks around your home!

Making meals ahead of time does not necessarily mean cooking several additional three course entrees, but can include preparing additional hamburger, turkey, chicken, beans, veggies or meat and freezing it in meal size portions.  For example, cook 3 pounds of meat at once and cut into 3 equal portions.  Dice ham or chicken and place in your freezer divided into 2 cup containers for later use.   Develop, create or research recipes like helpers, pasta, goulash, chili, or soup.  When shopping in a store, don't hesitate to look on your smart phone if you cannot recall weekly menus and the ingredients needed.  Craving something? No problem!  Investigate what ingredients the recipe includes ahead of time and any coupons or special deals you can incorporate into your shopping trip. 

In addition, investigate the option of buildings recipes around grocery or warehouse club sale items or coupons along with what you have in stock at your house.  This is easily done with a Google search on ingredients, costs, coupons and sale prices.  This saves a lot of time rather than looking through endless recipe books.

Create a weekly menu or meal plan on a whiteboard or regular board posted in the kitchen or on the refrigerator.  You can also include a section titled what's in the refrigerator and freezer?  Do not forget to regularly inventory your chest or upright freezer for contents and clearly label them.

If you like, you can store your favorite recipes on your computer or smartphone in a file or recipe software or app.  It is helpful to store one or more apps for when you are shopping or creating a list for the store.  This reduces the amount of paper and time spent looking for such lost pieces of paper.

Start small and expand your recipe and meal preparation collection as time allows and you are comfortable.  Feel free to print out recipes and store in a binder or on your tablet or smartphone.  Or, if you are reducing your carbon footprint, save or bookmark recipes in your Internet Browser on your computer, phone or tablet in a recipes or cooking folder for easy access.

Do not bite off more than you can chew, so to speak, when planning meals.  Start slow and work your way towards having full meals ready when you are as time, money and space allow.



Published by Kim Harvey