In anticipation of tonight's third and last presidential debate, thirty-five taco trucks accompanied by fifty enthusiastic volunteers have descended upon Las Vegas, Nevada. Complimentary tacos, along with voter registration forms and music, have converged upon the Las Vegas Strip courtesy of the Culinary Workers' Union and over fifty advocacy social justice organizations to draw attention to the Trump organization's refusal to recognize the Culinary Workers Union as the representative for the employees at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

The taco trucks are utilized to register voters and to assist immigrants in the arduous process of attaining citizenship. They bring a near festive presence to Las Vegas - where the tension is high in anticipation of the latest shenanigans the Republican candidate Donald Trump might pull to disarm his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

The taco trucks are a strategic reminder that nearly a year ago in December, 2015, a majority of the culinary workers at the Trump Las Vegas International, voted for union representation.  Trump International Hotel Las Vegas remains the only non-unionized hotel on the Las Vegas Strip - their workforce earning an average of $3.00 less an hour than their union counterparts on the Strip.  The non compliance of the Trump organization in meeting with their employees - hoping the entire issue would simply disappear - has not gone over well with their employees.  These taco trucks and their weapons of  education and voter and citizen registration materials have been making tours across the country wherever Trump hotels appear. Last week, October 13th, the taco trucks made an appearance at the newest Trump hotel Washington, D.C. as Donald Trump was touting his business acumen.

The Latino Victory Project, the nonpartisan organization co-founded by actress Eva Longoria, has collaborated with the Culinary Workers' Union and have specifically targeted the crucial swing state of Nevada. Together, the union and the Latino Victory Project have registered more than 8,000 new voters and have assisted 2,200 immigrants into citizenship over the last year.

"Having these taco trucks around, having music playing and at the same time registering people to vote - and, obviously, people want to vote against Donald Trump - there is a celebration of cultural happenings," stated Phil Tobar, Communications Director of the Latino Victory Project. "It is a really interesting mix of emotions, and people are excited and having fun with it."

On this day of the third and final Presidential debate, the taco trucks wait for Republican Donald Trump as a counterpoint to his regressive policies. And, perhaps even serving a taco or two to Trump supporters: people are always capable of change.

Published by Nancy Snyder