Arriving in Manila from Iloilo, we stayed at The Wings transit lounge. This place is located just third floor of NAIA Airport and is perfect for travellers who needed to rest and sleep for a couple of hours. Beyond expectations, I did not expect for the place to be so awesome. What amazed me were their capsule rooms. The size is just like a bunk bed and it’s complete – with vault, two sockets for charging, own light, own blinds and pillow. It’s so cozy and it’s just the right size for a single person who wants to rest and sleep. It’s also safe and peaceful because you’re privacy is respected. We paid 1000 pesos (capsule) for 8-9 hours of stay. There were unlimited snacks, coffee, water, and amenities like towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also take a bath too in their common C.R. And yes it is clean! Hahaha.



After gaining our energy from our power nap, we then went to Ace Water Spa to relax. It was a great place for people who wants to relax through hydrotherapy massage systems in hot tubs. We can’t take photos because they were strict in the privacy of their customers. The place had different hot pools with different temperatures and massage systems, two sauna rooms, a room for steam bath and one cold pool. It has great benefits like reducing stress, insomnia, for clear skin, etc. However, their waiting area/restaurant was too small and crowded because they have so much customers in the weekend.

We arrived at Tagaytay by night and stayed at Tagaytay Highlands. Tagaytay is one of the places people in Manila spend their weekends because it is very accessible and easy to get to with just not-so-long-drives. It all actually depends on the traffic.

My family and I spent the weekend jamming to acoustic songs, bonded by sleeping together, went to church and had lunch.



8/15 cousins



Flight back home. Goodbye, MNL.


Published by Danna Javellana