Day 3

Day 3 started off on a bad note, as we found out that there was going to be a typhoon landing in Taipei that night. With that, our plans had to somewhat re-jigged, hence the relatively shorter post this time round.

It was very windy when we left the hotel, and it was drizzling slightly when we got off the train at Tamsui (淡水) station. That was just a taste of what was to come later that night! For your information, Tamsui (淡水) station is the terminus for that line, so everyone is required to get off at this stop. 

We were greeted by a calming view as we stepped out of the station, and it looked really postcard-perfect, albeit a rather gloomy one!

After a short walk, we arrived at the start of the Tamsui Fisherman's Street! Many souvenir shops line the street, jostling for tourists' attention together with the numerous food stalls. 

In total, we spent about 2 hours there walking, shopping and eating. It began to rain heavily near noon so we left the area, and headed to Taipei Main Station. There is an underground mall there, and we spent the afternoon shopping and eating some more haha. Well, there's not much you can do if the weather is bad eh?

Closer to the evening, we headed to Wufenpu, hoping that the market would still be open. We had heard from the hotel receptionist in the morning that some stalls might be closed as residents prepare for the typhoon that would hit them later in the night.

Thankfully, most shops stayed open, although it was drizzling throughout our time there. The wind was also very strong, and was howling quite loudly. We managed to get some shopping done, and headed back to our hotel.

We went to a Carrefour near our hotel to buy 'rations' in case the typhoon was very bad and leave us stuck for the entire day in the hotel. It was as if all the locals in the vicinity had descended upon Carrefour that night, as we loaded up on cup noodles and drinks and queued together with them. There was even a TV crew there interviewing locals who were busy stocking up on food and drinks! 

The wind got very strong as we were walking back to the hotel, and it was a real struggle to walk straight at times (no, we weren't drunk, although it kinda looked as if we were, seeing as how we were swaying about as we walked into the wind). We found out that the Raohe & Shilin night markets would be closed due to the typhoon, and remain closed for the next 1 or 2 nights. Which unfortunately meant that we wouldn't be able to go to those markets during this trip..


Summary of Day 3

- Tamsui Fisherman's Street

- Shopping at Wufenpu

- Raohe & Shilin closed due to typhoon


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