The typhoon had died down by a lot by the morning of our last day in Taipei, although it was drizzling intermittently throughout the day. The wind was also slightly stronger than usual, but it was pleasantly cool, and a welcome change from our first two days in Taipei.

We had breakfast at Yong He (永和豆浆王), a rather popular breakfast joint among the locals. An increasing number of tourists have discovered this gem of a breakfast spot, and it is no wonder why. As their name suggests, they serve delicious soy milk, which goes very well with their youtiao (油条), and various breakfast items. Youtiao bears more than a slight resemblance to their European cousin, the churro, as it is also fried dough! It is more 'airy' than a typical churro though, and you have got to try it when you're in Asia! 

Yong He has a few outlets in Taipei city, and we went to the Da'an outlet, which was conveniently located near Da'an MRT station. The address: 102 Fuxing South Road, Section 2, Daan District.

Surprisingly there weren't many people when we reached, possibly because of the typhoon. I guess many people simply stayed at home and didn't come out for breakfast. Couldn't find my pics of the yummy youtiao and soy milk, but rest assured, they are really nice! Do make it a point to visit any of their outlets at least once if you happen to be in Taipei.

I personally like the pineapple tarts and tai yang bing (太阳饼) from Vigor Kubo (Exit 4, Ximen), so we took the train back to Ximending after breakfast. The shop was directly in front of the exit from the train station, so it should be very easy to find it! They have other outlets all around Taipei as well, but we found this the most convenient. Do note that the shop is rather small, so it could get cramped if there are many customers around. While we were there, we saw a family buying a LOT of pineapple tarts and tai yang bing. If you buy enough items, the shop will help to pack them into a cardboard box and seal it up, which is very convenient to check-in at the airport for your flight home. :)

We hung around Ximending in the afternoon, and bought more street food to snack on. We also made a last visit to my favourite San Xiong Mei (三兄妹) for more shaved ice desserts. In addition to my regular order of mango shaved ice, we also ordered a banana shaved ice to try, which unfortunately wasn't as impressive as the mango shaved ice in my opinion.

We collected our baggage from the hotel at around 5pm and made our way to Taipei Taoyuan Airport. To get to the airport, simpy take a train to Taipei Main Station, and follow the signs to Taipei West Bus Station A, which is about a 5-10min walk away. Purchase the Kuo Kuang (国光号) bus tickets to Taipei Taoyuan Airport (125TWD, or S$5.50). It takes about an hour to reach the airport, depending on road conditions, so do factor in more time if you're travelling during rush hour.

We had bought 15kg of check-in baggage for our return flight, which turned out very useful, given all the shopping we had done. Our Jetstar flight departed Taipei at 7.55pm and landed back in Singapore at 12.30am, bringing an end to an overall great trip (although it was slightly dampened by the typhoon).


Summary of Day 5

- Yong He (永和豆浆王)

- Vigor Kubo (Exit 4, Ximen)

- Flight back (7.55pm-12.30am)

Published by Lucas Lee