There’s so much potential I see,

In both you and me

Together, there is so much we can achieve

There is so much more left to do, 

Every day I learn something new, 

Something new about life, about this world and about us, humans

We are not yet ready to leave, there is a lot left incomplete 

Started by those who believed

And now, it’s our turn to succeed 

Don’t you ever give up, 

Don’t you ever stop 

Your beautiful mind will heal us all

Just keep going and doing what you do, 

Along the way, you’ll be helping so many through 

Don’t you think small of your contributions, 

We all have so much to offer.

A smile to a complete stranger, 

Comfort to someone in danger,  

Just a hug to someone crying

Or sparing for the hungry, a dime

There’s nothing much you need to do, 

Just take your kindness and warmth with you

Let the world feel your presence, let them know you’re there to help them 

This is how we can make the world what it should be, 

A place full of love and peace, 

Everyone together as one, living happily. 

Published by Zainab Kousar