Am tired of the game you keep playing. Dealing with you is like a long hike up a mountain. Yet you see how much I struggled to get at the top.

One day we are celebrating; kissing, cuddling and sexing, the next minute am at the bottom of the mountain. It’s like you push me back down on purpose.

Why do you do it?

We’ve spent quiet a long time at the top of the mountain together. Don’t you remember all the memories? How careful you were with me so that I don’t fall?

Remember how you cleared the path for me as we climbed this mountain? You carried me where the road was rough, so that I don’t get tired. You cleaned my bruises when I would trip and fall. You kept telling me that everything will be okay and you are 100% sure that we will get at the top even though I wanted to give up?

Do you remember? No you don’t.

Every time you pushed me down, I would quickly climb back up because I wanted to be close to you. You were happy that I was able to get back up without your help. And that’s when the problems started!

You stopped caring about my bruises. You would let me bleed or let me nurse myself. You stopped looking down at me when I was climbing, to give hope to be up there with you. You stopped looking at me with those eyes; eyes that always made me want to kiss you forever. You just waited because you knew that I would struggle to be back at the top with you. 

One thing you don’t know is that, am getting tired and weak. One day, you will push me off the mountain and I will walk away. And I will not look back.

I don’t know how long I have to keep climbing this mountain for you but you forcing me to quit this hike.

Take me to the mountains again!



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Published by Doreen Eshinali