I don’t know anyone who loves Spring cleaning, but everyone likes the results. There’s something about a pantry filled with fresh food and spices, or a closet with only your favorite clothes that changes the mood. By doing the work, we’re effectively saying, “Yes! I’m ready for something new!”

In the April series, Speak Your Future, we’re talking about how the words we choose shape our experiences. Everyone wants the “yes”. It’s just that getting there can require a lot of “no” and “letting go”, and that can be a real challenge.

When I met Shannon ten years ago, she was an administrative assistant. She was technically the low man on the totem pole, but everyone knew she was a girl on the move. She did more than cut through her in-box. She could “connect the dots”, understanding when a situation was getting out of hand, or when someone needed some tender loving care, even if they weren’t going to get the answer they wanted.

That’s why it was no surprise to see her climb the ladder. First she moved to Executive Assistant. Then Business Manager. Then she was promoted to Chief of Staff for a Corporate Vice President, with the responsibility of managing business strategies for a team of over 1,000 people.

She was doing great with her new responsibilities...until she got panicked about her first big event with the team.

She told me, “I wanted everything to be perfect at our Mid-Year Review, but the lunch order was up in the air. That’s why I brought it to my manager’s attention.”

“At first, I thought she was a little cold. About five minutes in, she interrupted me and said, “I appreciate your attention to detail, but this wasn’t at the top of my agenda.” Can you believe that?”

“Is that all she said?” I asked.

“Thank goodness, no! Her tone softened and she gave me a nice compliment. She said, “I need someone who can work with many kinds of personalities. I think you’re a perfect fit for this role. Let’s concentrate on how we’re going to get everyone to agree on the final marketing campaign. Let someone else worry about who ordered chicken or beef!”

“I guess she’s right,” Shannon laughed. “It looks like my famous expanding file of take-out menus is going to have to find a new home!”

Have you ever been like Shannon, where you’re in the in-between space? You’re past your old sweet spot, however, what’s next hasn’t quite materialized.

The trick is to push past the nervous urge to fall back into the familiar. The skills and talents that got you where you are still have value, but there’s more waiting. And you’ll only find out what that “more” is by moving forward with curiosity and excitement. That’s how to truly speak “increase” and “abundance” over your future.

This is the moment for a refresh, even if it feels a little like a loss. The Universe is asking you to stretch. To be smart. And creative.

Take the bait.

Published by Michelle Mains