There is an old hymn penned by W. D. Longstaff titled ‘Take Time to be Holy’.  It starts ‘Take time to be holy, Speak oft with the Lord, Abide in Him always, And feed on His Word.”  Other verses include many other avenues we may take, but all of them focus on the main theme, take time, get to know Him.  Being holy, getting close to God, understanding what He wants for your life, knowing Him intimately all take time.  We cannot just snap our fingers and expect our lives to become exactly the way God wants them to be.  We can however, move closer to Him each day.  We cannot let discouragement set in.  We must see the path and then keep moving along, no matter how slowly.

    1 Peter 1:16 tells us “because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.” (KJV)  We are called to be holy but for many that is intimidating because they feel they are too far away and it can never be attained.  God does not expect us to get there right away.  His main goal is that we be heading in the right direction.

Published by Ray Richards