With exam season fast leaving us behind there has been a few questions that have raged on in my mind. Of course that's a totally ingenious way of saying it but the question does come up every now and then. 

Am I naturally talented or is this all through some superhuman effort that I can do what I do? 

I'm not sure, it probably doesn't even matter which one it is. But then again I had someone rage a month long war trying to convince the world that I had no natural talent and that it was all through work which honestly isn't even that bad when you think about it. 

I don't think it is natural talent, tonnes of people tell me I'm literally retarded in daily life and I really didn't do incredibly well in school up until a few years ago, I wasn't dumb just not really remarkable in any way. 

I think I work hard, I think. Then again when people talk about their revision is seems like they do so much. Listening to others recount their reems of past papers or amount of hours they've put in I sometimes think I really haven't done much compared to them. But to be honest we're all prone to a little self-inflation so really it's hard to know what they're actually doing - or even quantify what I've done because with my memory it's hard to actually remember. 

Or maybe the fact is I don't really consider it all work? Or just don't bitch about it as much? A past paper for some may be daunting and take hours but be a smooth hour ride for me. Or the dozen or so applications I sent off - one a day, the daily and weekly blog posts and just going to work is just natural to me and doesn't really feel like forward momentum but it's all just pushing you forward. 

So maybe it really doesn't matter whether its natural or not, who really cares just keep doing it and try to improve. 

Night guys. 

Published by Kevin Li