I woke up…

Initially, my iPad alarm was set for 9:00 am. Somehow I must have woken up, turned it off, and had gone back to sleep. “Dammit”, I thought after waking up at 2:00 pm. The battle against the jet lag was lost and breakfast had also past.

Sleepy and hungry as I was, I got out of my bed, opened the hotel room curtains and looked over Manila. The view was neither exciting, nor dissatisfying. Green trees, red & blue rooftops and some clouds painted the landscape. The heat pressed against the window, giving me a first impression of what I have to expect outside.

After I showered, I got into yesterday’s clothing as my luggage was still in Abu Dhabi. I took the elevator down from the 8th floor and walked outside through the grand hotel foyer. The first thing I felt was an intense heat, confirming my suspicion, not dry but rather very humid. Next thing, modern skyscrapers, honking sounds of the cars, and a different smell in the air.

I am also starting to notice, that I am one of my own in this country. 6’4″ seems to overtop everyone. Whenever, I see a fellow foreigner, they are usually 50+ and seem quite settled. Ever heard about a “Wohlstandsbauch?” It’s German to describe a chubby and comfortable appearance. Shame on whosoever would think they came to the Philippines just for fun. 

Walking down the streets of Makati, the heat intensifies, yet it is still doable. Today, I set myself two plain objectives: 1) Where is my new office? 2) Where can I buy clothing for the next days? That should give me enough to do for one day.

The office was easy to be found. Luckily, the hotel was located on the same street, making work easily accessible. Clothing was also no problem. A premier mall is located right across my hotel. Offering the latest western brands and giving me the feeling of returning to Europe for at least 1 hour.

Though, I didn’t see much on my first day, it gave me a tiny glimpse of what I might expect next …


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Published by Willy Kühne