images-4Lately, my boo keeps telling me, “I’m the easiest person to get along with” but he’s really not. I mean, for the most part, he is. He’s very chill and laid back, so hardly anything makes him mad and that’s kind of where I’m having some problems. I joke a lot and if you’re sensitive and can’t take a joke, you most likely can’t handle being around me so him being laid back isn’t bothering me then.  It’s the times when I’m PURPOSELY doing things to piss him off and he’s not getting mad that’s my issue!

Why are you so calm? I’m obviously upset about something, that’s why I’m being an download-18asshole, are you not going to question why or can you even tell that I’m mad? We had a conversation last night about how I need to just start opening up and saying whatever it is I’m feeling or am upset about because he’s not a mind reader, lol.

His argument is always, “.. but I’m such the easiest person to talk to bruh, I’m so chill..” What makes you think that? How do you know what it is other’s think of you? He and his friends talk shit to each other ALL DAY LONG, but when it comes to talking about something serious, I’m not too sure. Now, I think him having female “FRIENDS” and the fact that they so easily come to talk to him greatly influences this opinion, but of course, they so easily talk to him. HE’S NOT THEIR MAN! Hell, I can go easily talk to another man about problems with my man too.

download-8Why do people always think they’re greater than what they really are? Why may someone who’s hard to talk to assume they’re actually not? Could it be that they are but only when it comes to certain people? Someone said I give off bad energy and other’s say I’m intimidating, could that have something to do with it?

Published by ShylahBoss Lee