Amalia Carosella is a former Biology major who fell in love with Classical Studies. Her newest novel is Tamer of Horses.

Hippodamia was abandoned as a baby, and would have died, were it not for Centaurus, the king of the centaurs who adopted her. Raised among the centaurs, Hippodamia thinks of them as her people, and is glad to do the one thing Centaurus asks of her:  marry future king of the Lapiths, Pirithous, son of Zeus, and produce an heir to cement their peace treaty.

But not everyone wants peace. Some of the centaurs feel that the price is too high. The King of the Myrmidons wants Pirithous’s land and his wealth of horses, and is willing to go far to get them. Meanwhile, strong-willed Hippodamia and prideful Pirithous must come to terms with each other if their marriage is to succeed, and if unexpected love is to grow.

But neither of them expected their wedding day to be the start of a war.

Tamer of Horses appealed to me because I’ve always loved reading the old myths and legends, but the more well-known ones have been “done” to death. Tamer of Horses takes an obscure bit of lore and turns it into a vibrant, breathing story, with characters that dance across the page. I was more than a little disappointed when the story ended and I had to leave the magical setting behind.

(Galley provided by Thorskona Books.)

Published by Misti Pyles