When it comes to crystals, amethyst is among the most popular and affordable varieties. Its availability makes it an affordable option for your garden, home or office. These rocks can be found in most new age gift shops and bookstores. But you need not drive around looking for them because they’re available online.

Also widely available is jewelry made from amethyst. However, to find that special piece you want which has the right combination of clarity and depth of color, you may have to shop around for a while.

Properties of amethyst

The powerful healing properties of the amethyst crystal are evoked by its colors which include:

  • Violet,
  • Indigo,
  • Deep purple, and
  • Light pink.


  • Amethyst purifies a space by eliminating negative vibrations. In addition to that, it emits higher energies and makes the space conducive for you to come back to their source of power.

Furthermore, the crystal has a soothing effect on excessive emotions and helps to ease your transition into a meditative state as it clears up unnecessary clutter in the mind. On the physical dimension, it is believed that amethyst helps to boost your immune system and heal balances in the skin and respiratory tract. Interestingly, the term amethyst originates from a Greek terms that refers to a stone that protects the person wearing it from intoxication.

The primary sources of amethyst are Uruguay and Brazil and some of it is sourced from the US, Canada and South Korea. Amethyst sourced from Russia is considered to be of the highest quality.

  • Amethyst possesses unique Feng Shui properties thanks to its purification qualities and its ability to create a connection to higher energy planes. It can be effective in calming volatile emotions in a home plagued by constant misunderstandings and arguments. It is also useful for learning and studying.

It’s has powerful Feng Shui curative properties when position in these bagua areas: South (reputation, fame and light within), Southeast (abundant wealth), and Northeast (self-cultivation and spiritual growth). Additionally, you can place a small cluster of amethyst in your living room or study room. Carrying a cooling amethyst in your pocket or car can help soothe you if you’re going through an emotionally intense period.

  • Amethyst with the deepest and richest indigo color is the most powerful. For that reason, it’s also the priciest. Crystals that have the greatest depth of clarity (rather than imperfections and inner clouds) are not only the most beautiful but are also considered the most effective. They therefore cost more than the regular variety. That notwithstanding, with careful research, you can still find high-quality amethyst crystals at reasonable prices.

When it comes to the form, home goods geode experts can help you choose an amethyst crystal that most fits your personal needs. Affordable options include tumbled, polished crystals that are not only easily available but can also be carried in your pocket or purse. They can also be showcased in a bowl at your desk at the office or coffee table at home. Place then where you’ll benefit from their healing power the most.


Published by Karen Anthony