No matter how much I've travelled, I'm always so proud to tell others than I'm from Sydney, Australia. Even though I've lived here for pretty much my whole life, there are so many walks that I haven't been on, or hikes that I haven't taken in ages. The Mosman to Balmoral Beach Walk was one that I used to walk as a little girl, as you'd get an amazing view of the Sydney skyline and the Eastern Suburbs, which includes some of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney. Not only that, it's a walk that is fairly quiet all year round because tourists don't come here often, but I would definitely suggest you to put this on your bucket list when you're in Sydney.


View from Bradley's Head



Sydney's Central Business District (CBD) and the Eastern Suburbs


You'll see plenty of gum trees on your walk (These are quintessentially Aussie!!)


Approaching Chowder Bay



Chowder Bay at low tide (This photo does not do this place justice!)


Georges Head


Walking past someone's front yard....


Private boats docked at Balmoral Beach


The island attached to Balmoral Beach


Balmoral Beach at low tide


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