Taste of Home is a culinary project that was created in 2014 in Croatia with the aim of an integration of refugees into society, and they have recently gathered the money through a crowdfunding campaign so immigrants and asylum seekers are able to open their kitchen in Croatia.

I had the opportunity to taste the food they were preparing on one event and it was great. The Taste of Home project is designed for the visitors to approach the flavours of refugees home through their food. Personally, I was the most delighted with lemon cakes which were very tasty.

In his campaign they wanted to collect 15,000 euros aka 17 000 dollars, which they intend to spend on renting a kitchen space , and all the necessities that will serve them in creating a taste of home. Details can be found at the link of the Indiegogo campaign , and by the end of the campaign they collected 111% of the funds or $19,649 .

Now they can organise their catering service. Great job.


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