so a little something you probably didn’t know about me is that I’ve have 6 tattoos.

tattoos are a cringing thought yes, but if done well, they look awesome and become a little bit addictive.

i always make sure i research loads on what i want, and any styles, that may sway my mind.

i sometimes draw it on, to create, an image in its place, and to see if i would want it there permanently. i also research where i would want to get it done at, and who i want to do it for me.

my tattoos;

  1. first one on my back at the bottom is a quote – ‘all you need is love’ in lovely script. It didn’t hurt, and love it very much even though its on my back and i never really see it.
  2. my 5 birds for my five important people in my life on my inner left foot now they did hurt a bit ha!
  3. next was my quote which i live by ‘never give up’ which is within a infinity symbol meaning continuous / repeat so i never give up over and over even when something knocks me back thats on my right arm, middle of the bicep.
  4. then i got my moon on the side of my wrist, which relates to my grandad we say to each other ‘love you to the moon and back’
  5. then i got my running girl, on my right ankle, as i am a runner but i didn’t love it ever so much so i..
  6. I got it covered with a feather and i associate feathers to do with some of my friends and family that have passed, so they are always with me. you can still see the runner through it a little which i think is quite smart to.

all my 6 tattoos mean something to me and i love them all, really think about the design and where you want it done. pain you ask, not much really depends what area the worst area for me was my outer foot/ankle as its very bony, but once its there you forget about the pain. Pain is temporary. I  recommend people to get one if they are debating it.. Some people love them some people hate them its a matter of opinion with this subject and each to their own!

happy tattooing
much love J


Published by Jaydyne Overton