There seems to be a new craze sweeping Melbourne at the moment!  It's tea drinking.   I have discovered T2, well my 19year old son discovered it before me and had me hooked on all the flavours.  It's a great alternative to soft drink.  I can't drink soft drink at all and I used miss the flavours, but with iced tea I don't miss it anymore.  

Tea is a natural antioxidant and it's actually good for you.

It's interesting going into a T2 shop, from the moment you walk in, you are hit with amazing aromas of hundreds of teas.  There is a table with samples of tea on it that you can smell, as well as that the friendly staff will make you a brew of your choice.  So imagine my son's surprise when he saw me leaning up against the counter like I was in a bar with 3 shots of tea lined up!!


There are many different types of tea.  I'm an old fashioned tea drinker, I prefer the black teas, but the fruit tisanes are amazing.  Fruit tisanes are basically tea mixed with dried fruit.  You can use a tisane in both iced tea or traditional tea.

The green teas and the matchas I'm not keen on.  I tried to like the matchas because they apparently have more antioxidants than regular tea, but to me............yuck!!  They are the colour of stomach bile.....and smell like it too.  I've never been one for green tea either........double yuck!

I never used to like iced tea but with the tisanes, I can just brew them and let them cool and they taste amazing.  Just add strawberries or lemons to taste and wow!  Not many calories at all.

With the traditional teas, there is a T2 tea maker which is awesome and it keeps your tea warm for a while.  It also drains out the bottom, simply place it over a teacup and push down and the tea comes out the bottom of the tea maker.  It's also very easy to pull apart and clean.  Also it does not leak (something I was concerned about).

The flask actually will keep your tea warm all day, from 7am to 3pm.  I took it to work today and was sipping tea from it all day.

This flask can also be used with iced tea and will keep that cool all day.

As you can see, I'm hooked!!

Hope you found this interesting.

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe