Remind me to take instruction                                                                  

From the antonym of him                                                                           

To take my teachings from

The supposition of a fact


Remind me to teach myself to learn                                                       

From the better part of man                                                                      

Someone who can read and write                                                           

Who has a lesson plan


Remind me ne’er to listen

To the man who can’t himself

Remind me to leave his book                                                                    

Hidden from the shelf                                                                                  


Remind me to ignore the man                                                                  

Who’ll beseech at any cost                                                                         

Who lectures, says it’s my way                                                                 

Or the highway will be lost


Remind me to be thankful                                                                          

For what I could go without                                                                        

Remind me to welcome lost souls in

When others shut them out


Remind me ne’er to err on caution’s side

Hesitant, I stay                                                                                                 

I should be enticed to wonder                                                                  

To see the sunlight in the day


Remind me to cherish

What I never thought I’d love

To see peace at time of war

To welcome and betroth


Teachings and instruction

From the synonym of her

The antonym of ‘I know best’

Is the teacher who tells me;

‘As you were.’


first published at 

Published by Owen Tilley