We seem to have forgotten the importance of teachers. Nowadays they're just people who you and your friend make fun of during break time.

But they are so much more than that, so much more than figures that stand in front of a chalk or white board.

Teachers have the power to shape us into better humans. They have the power to nurture our minds into fully bloomed flowers.

But they also have the power to humiliate and belittle us and make us feel like a weed. And as time passes and as much as we swear that we're over their bullying, we never really are. We'll always remember what that hateful asshole spat in our face. What jab they delivered, smiling with daggers underneath. That feeling, that feeling of wanting to curl under the desk, will always be imprinted in our brains and we will always, always, always, always, curl our mouth just so when they're mentioned in front of us. 

Dear Grade 8 English teacher, I hope you rot in the deepest pit of hell. 

Published by Jinan H