Tear Down The Walls


Tear down the walls built within;
obstructing your vision, leaving you blind, masking all your sin.

Tear down the walls of self-protection, keeping others out;
trapping you instead, chained helplessly to doubt.

Tear down the hedges continuing to grow briery, thick, and taut; 
denying you the privilege to be what a Believer ought.

Tear down the walls of towering darkness; 
carnal evil, twining, winding, amongst the massive thicket; 
disguising, camouflaging, clouding, to hide what's truly wicked. 

Buried beneath the shroud of darkness, laid within the tomb of fate, 
nothing lives, only dies, poisoned by Satan's lies and hate. 

Acknowledge your weaknesses, trust God to put them to the test; 
Accept His plan to mold you, for He knows what's best. 

Give your weaknesses to God. He will conquer them. 
Don't miss the blessing of His grace and forever knowing Him


Mishael T

Published by Mishael T