Disclaimer: Not my kid in the image, just a stock photo! 


Today we seem to have made a breakthrough with Tristan-James behaviour. He listened, and only went in time-out twice. Which is a huge difference to most days. Not only that but we managed to make it to the shop and back (10 minutes away) on his scooter without making me carry it for most of the way, and even went nicely to meet daddy from work on it. Although he did make me carry it half the way home, but he was shattered in his defense. 

We've also found a technique that works when he is being naughty. The counting to three method seems to work great alongside time outs, although when we move we will finally have stairs so I might try time out on the step instead of sending him to his room because he just plays during time out at the minute. 

Hopefully this is the start of the terrible twos decline. I really hope we've cracked this! 

Published by Danielle Kirk