This picture was taken in 2008 when the Australian bush got digital signal. This is the farmer trying to make or receive a call on his new cell phone or mobile phone as they are called In Australia. We have vast areas of populations - we as an island are centered around coastal areas and even some of these outer city suburbs still do not get adequate signals nor internet services.

Move to the bush, I called up about a property the farmer wants to go and have a look at today and was told "don't forget 5kms out there is "NO MOBILE Service" so if you want to come early you will need to phone and ask.

Both sides of politics here in Australia, fought over the launch of the NBN (National Broad band Satellite) which would make internet, educational services to the bush - world class. I can tell you now that when India had their earth quake which destroyed vast areas of land, on news items you could still see the people using mobile and internet skype services to report to the world how bad the situation was. That was and still is better service than rural, regional and remote Australian people get.

This picture is not a joke and we still only get reception one place in our kitchen and if you move or the wind blows people drop out or say we can't hear you. It's is absolutely a joke, there is no bipartisanship - neither political party will now acknowledge what a balls up they have both made of a service that in this day and age is necessary for work health & safety reasons - no service on  farm so if there is an accident critical hours are lost until someone realises the person has gone missing, or didn't return on time. By not being able to provide good internet or mobile service employment opportunities go begging, if families can't educate their children nor contact each other, why move out of the city.

One can look on real estate sites now and places are being sold that have good internet services and it is now becoming the major question to ask the agent rather than - how old is the plumbing or does it have air conditioning. The people in the know now get asked if they get wireless or are hooked up and will make purchasing decisions based on availability of these services.

The service providers were so greedy demand exceeded supply but they still kept selling, without any thought to the people whose lives they would affect once they had to put in a fair use policy: that is drop everyone regardless of business, education institution or safety of travelers and workers in regional areas to an unworkable internet service. Tourist don't stay where they can't get free wi-fi, they don't when I travel I think it is a necessity especially when traveling overseas for business.

We had the new skymuster installed last month after it's launch in October last year 2015 and that was after 3 installation cancellations (which is normal) many wasted hours on the phone to try and rebook or to even find out why it was cancelled - only 1 was authentic - really bad weather the rest they used the excuse "bad weather". Now we have had it for not even a complete month and apparently we have chewed through our GB, how is this possible when we haven't done anything different from our 20-GB plan. (you're jealous of the GB aren't you?) we are lucky to get what we have, I know that so when we ring yesterday as they shaped us again, I got the farmer to call he had the phone on hold for over 95 minutes then finally pushed the call back button, 2 hours later he called again to find the service had closed for the day.

I call back at opening time this morning and immediately put on hold.... I pushed the we will have a call back button and then put it out on social media. I know but after 4 hours of waiting for assistance - that's what social media is good for, getting attention good and bad. I sent a private message to the organisation as well and this is their response

"NBN are having system issues, installer issues, service issues and a whole lot else. They didn't do a very good job properly testing everything end to end before launch and now we (and the rest of the providers) are having to deal with it. If you look on BIRRR you will see what i am talking about. We have employed more people but the amount of calls that come into the system are still clogging up our lines."

No really nothing tested properly before they introduced it?  you can tell by the picture of the farmer turning off analogue was a great thing done by the Labor Government, can you imagine what would happen if all politicians had to walk around parliament house with an aerial till they got signal? Then the Liberal party come in and tell us how they can do all of this cheaper, no none of them can, they all lied and still keep doing it. Votes in the bush don't count, keeping their safe city seats is vital and that is where the main population is.

#Rant over

Are communications the same world over or is it isolated to regional, rural and remote areas?

Published by Robyn verrall