Hi, hello, hey everyone!
I hope you are doing great! The weather here is getting worse and worse which caused me to look through some photos I took this august. All the sun, flowers, warmth..So here's a warm throwback to 9th of August. 
There's actually a whole story behind those pictures. While posing in the middle of the center I see a tall cute-looking girl that stopped a few meters away from me and just stood there smiling while looking at me. While thinking of this again, the best thing I could have done is to actually go and say hi but in reality I'm way too shy for that to happen. After standing there for a few moments she left but she kept turning back to look. If you are reading this, hi!
When it comes to the outfit, as I've always said, I love the combo of red and black. This is the reason why I picked up this red shirt which ties on the front, together with some black denim shorts and comfy boots. I added a black choker with a tiny bear and a black bag.

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