Your teen just received or gave out a card on Valentine's Day. Your partner involved, is a school mate she fancies and would really like to day - a possible date. With all the current dangers out there on earth today, you've dreaded the full time whenever your teen will ask to day another teen on a date. Yet, it cannot be avoided. So how do you handle the situation in order that teenager dating advice is effective and helpful?

1. Communicate clearly to your teen this where she may begin dating. This is determined by the maturity of one's teen. Most parents enables only group dates before age sixteen. A great deal depends on what responsible your teen is and how capable she's of taking control in an arduous situation.

2. Know who your teen hangs out with and meet their parents if possible. Discover what they like to accomplish together and where they want to go. The safety of one's teen may also rely on who she has gone out with. If you're not sure of the maturity level of her date or you can't trust his judgment, then do not entrust your teen's life into his hands. Use every opportunity you've to discover around you are able to in regards to the date, and engage him in conversation. That way, you'll know him better and is likely to be capable to produce an educated decision regarding whether your teen should even date this person. Many an innocent teen has been dragged into sticky and difficult situations.

3. Establish firmly, the guidelines for both your teen and her date. Make certain that her date has been held to the same values, otherwise, not only can there be conflicts between them but your teen will find herself forever compromising the values you've dutifully, responsibly and lovingly imparted to her. Destinations can be communicated for your requirements, a curfew will be observed and certain activities are not to be engaged in - sex, alcohol, drugs, violence or car racing, to name only a few. The results of breaking these rules also needs to be made clear and followed through should it become necessary.

4. Equip your teen with life coping skills in order that she may manage to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Ensure that the teen has self worth and respect and will walk away from a romantic date, if the date exhibit any form of violence. Disagreements can cause loss in self control. Remind your teen that not totally all victims are luckily enough to walk away alive and a lot of those who do, often end up scarred permanently either physically or emotionally or both.

5. Insist on decent clothing and dressing always. Provocative dressing not only speaks badly of the teen wearing them but may also send the incorrect message. Certain forms of clothing and jewelry communicate certain messages and may give out signals inviting trouble. Be informed. Being able to interpret your teen's motives and that of her friends provides you with a better picture of what's going on inside their lives. By refusing to buy revealing clothing, you eliminate to a big extent the temptation on her behalf to wear them. Be cautious about purses and bags that may contain inappropriate clothing to be changed into once your teen has gone out of sight. It can be feasible for her to borrow clothes she knows you won't allow within your house from friends along the way. Reveal to her why it is important to be always decently dressed. Hopefully if she knows and understands, then she won't be tempted.


Published by Matthew Piggot