I'm not a movie critic and I'm not generally a big movie goer in general. I appreciate beautiful shots and camera angles because I've done some shooting and editing. I like well thought out stories and funny dialogue because obviously I write myself. The thing about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (TMNT 2) is that it's not targeted towards adults. It's targeted towards kids. It's also not a remake of the old classic TMNT cartoon or movies that I grew up with. It's based on a new adaptation.


Nickelodeon has a TMNT television show. When my generation watches these movies they have no idea what Krang is, but the kids do. I do because I'm still a twelve-year-old boy who has watched the new TMNT cartoon. I've also heard my generation complain about all the small items around the turtles that help give a level of personality. I actually thought that was a great addition. A subtle way or giving each turtle more depth and character. I liked the first movie. I thought it was funny and entertaining. It had its moments of heart, of drama, and plenty of action and humor. The same can be said about this second installment. Perhaps even more personal conflict and less action. It was a good medium though. The personal conflict among brothers is still there as it should be. We don't always get along with our siblings so why should they pretend to always be? Splinter isn't used very much in this second movie but he still makes a presence in his limited use.


We are introduced to some new characters in TMNT 2. Bee Bop and Rock Steady are created through a purple ooze given to Shredder via an alien. I actually thought that the casting of Sheamus (Rock Steady) and Gary Anthony Williams (Bee Bop) to play these guys was excellent. They were quite the characters before they were transformed into animal mutants. The outfits were colorful and matched their stupid yet funny animal personalities. I do think that casting Tyler Perry to play a scientist type of nerd was a bad call. He wasn't funny playing a nerd. He didn't have that awkwardness about him. His body type also doesn't fit the stereotype. Tyler Perry looks like he could be an NFL linebacker. In shots it was obvious that he was taller than Shredder and the ninja soldiers. They should have went in another direction. I thought Stephen Amell as Casey Jones was a good pick. He doesn't remind me of the classic Casey Jones with longer hair and what I like to call "dude-like" but he did a nice job. Amell is very popular playing Oliver Queen on the Arrow and his presence in this movie probably attracted a few more viewers. Amell is also eye candy for the moms and girlfriends who were dragged along to see this movie. If TMNT gets a third movie it could be interesting to see the love triangle between Mikey, April, and Casey. Perhaps maybe even a square if Vern gets involved again.


There were some subtle things in the movie that I really appreciated. They were tiny things they seemed to do to honor the old installments. It's 2016 but the bar was playing Vanilla Ice? I got a real kick out of that from when Vanilla Ice had the song "Ninja Rap" in the older movies. The old purple sunglasses that Bee Bop wore with the purple mohawk. That was great to me. There's plenty of moments where the kids will laugh, Raphael running into a window, or when the adults will laugh, Mikey's awkward moments of love for April.

Once again I thought the choice of music was excellent. The pace of the story was good. I liked the misdirect of Shredder appearing to be the bad guy the whole time, and then bam he's frozen and taken out of the equation. There were times where I was watching and was stuck thinking am I watching another Transformers movie as we saw aliens in the sky with a massive warship. I guess that's just the thing in today's movies. I also never really had any doubts that the turtles would win. I was more interested in the people element and what would happen afterwards. The biggest surprise that I enjoyed was the purple ooze. The turtles got to flirt with the idea of turning human. I wish that would have been explored more and talked about more. I get that it's a movie and not a television show though.

I'm not going to give it any stars or thumbs. I really don't have any real basis for my ratings. I know the film has gotten lousy reviews. All I can say is that if you can go into the theaters with an open mind to the TMNT remakes I think you'll find enough in there to enjoy it. I always appreciate any TMNT film or show because it brings me back. It gives me that nostalgic feel of my childhood and makes me feel okay eating a whole bag of popcorn and laughing out loud like an idiot. I also always want some pizza afterwards.

Published by Brian Argetsinger