A larger percentage of anyone who sees the title: Teens Meet Online, is likely to think it as a dating site online for teenagers or something similar. We don't always have to follow the norm, and certainly, this is not a dating site for teenagers. 

It's all about bringing teens, within the age range 13 to 19, together on a platform, to let them share their thoughts and know that they are not alone. I've come to realize that teenagers go through a lot, and very few tell their parents/guardians about it. They let the hurt eat deep down into them and they sometimes die in silence. 

In the welcome noteI talked about knowing what it means to fail as a teenager, to get stuck, to look around and find no one, to lack something in dire need, to be harassed, to make silly mistakes, and so on.

We can make the teenage world a better and brighter place. We can do this together.

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So far so good, TMO is proud to say LIVES HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Although, TMO was launched on the 10th of June, 2016, we are amazed at how far it has gone. One step at a time, we are breaking grounds.


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Published by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole