Pilots and other news!

First, looking to the future, i09 announced Syfy has optioned the wayward Children books for a TV series.  I’m only familiar with the first two books, the first taking place in a school for kids who have travelled to fantasy worlds and returned to Earth, and the second being a prequel about the world some of the characters had gone too. I assume the other books were prequels as well, though that might be wrong.  So the question is, will the show adapt the books according to publication, with season one being book one, and so on, or will; they combine the books together, showing the kids at school in the present and having flashbacks to their experiences in the fantasy worlds?

Moving to pilots, SpoilerTV and Season Zero have been putting out reviews, in several cases completely opposed to each other.  One such example is The Hypnotist’s Love Story; Spoiler TV has it as one of the highest rated pilots this year, while Season Zero calls it dull.  Both compare it to You, so if you watch that show, you might be able to guess how you’ll feel about this one.  Another ABC pilot, The Baker and the Beauty, is flipped, getting blahs from Spoiler TV and bravos from Season Zero.  Are the characters bland or engaging and relatable?  It’s not clear.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is currently sporting a perfect score at Spoiler TV.  Season Zero doesn’t exactly trash it, but suggests that the show’s conceit will get old rather quickly.  And they are at odds again with another NBC show, Council of Dads.  Season Zero loved it, but admits that it might be too similar to This is Us.  Spoiler TV just seemed to find it derivative.

The reviews are more similar for the CW’s Nancy Drew series.  Spoiler TV was fairly positive, calling it intriguing but saying familiar tropes pulled it down.  Season Zero acknowledges the flaws, but thinks this could be the best chance for the network to launch a detective show.  Both sources also liked CBS pilot Evil, though the networks other genre pilot, the Frankenstein show, is currently higher rated at Spoiler TV.

Season Zero is impressed with a couple of Fox pilots.  Filthy Rich could be the next great prime time soap, though it hasn’t been reviewed yet a Spoiler TVProdigal Son is the latest crime procedural with a twist, and both sites think it has a chance to find an audience.

Nothing from Spoiler TV about NBCs Emergence yet, but Season Zero wasn’t a fan.  Well actually the review is hardly all negative, but suggests Emergence is too similar to recent shows that failed to find much success.  On the other hand, both sources like CBS pilot The Republic of Sarah.  Season Zero notes that it might not fit with the rest of the network’s lineup, but that might be just what CBS needs right now.

Published by Andrew Clendening