The snow was falling more heavily as Jim made his way down the street. He had forgotten his glasses at home, and as he walked head long into the oncoming snow, it buffeted his eyes. He bowed his head, nuzzled further into the scarf he had around his neck and watched himself put one foot in front of the other.

Truth be told, he preferred the weather like this. For too long he felt as though he was being watched. The falling of the snow created a screen of white which gave him a brief moment of solitude. Everyone was too busy trying to keep the snow out of their face or not slip over as they crossed the road.

A car blared its horn at Jim as he went to step off the curb. He pulled himself up short and as a result he stepped into the puddle that was hidden beneath the snow.

“Great..”, he muttered to himself, shaking his foot.

He looked up to see how much further he had to go, when that feeling of being watched returned. Jim looked around, trying to find someone that could be watching him.

A man standing across the road, in a black jacket and hood, with a black face mask on and tinted glasses stood still facing towards him. Jim was immediately able to spot him amongst the other people who were hurrying along the footpath.

Jim eyed him off warily, not really sure if the man was looking at him.

The moment passed and the man continued walking.

Jim gave himself a shake, he was spooked; it wasn’t the first time that this had happened.

He could never be really sure that these people were actually looking at him however.

And it was all sorts of people who did it too.

Old men, younger men and women ,who looked familiar, but Jim couldn’t ever place where he had seen them.

An elderly couple got quite excited when Jim had walked past them one day and the elderly lady actually pointed in his direction before the man pulled her arm down.

Jim wasn’t sure if it was actually happening or if it was in his head.

He had confided in his girlfriend, Kylie, but she had just said he was being stupid. She got the feeling that people were watching her too, but more often than not, it was some guy checking her out.

He shook it off. She was right.

He wasn’t anything special, just a technology salesman, why would anyone be pointing out to him as though he was famous?

Jim made it the next three blocks to his apartment feeling as though everyone he passed on the street was watching him.

It was a feeling that never seemed to leave him.

His black hair had stuck out a bit from underneath the beanie he had been wearing and it was covered in snow. He shook it off. As much as he loved it when it snowed, the flakes would get everywhere and melt sending cold water down his neck.

“Hey babe, I’m home!” He called out.

“Oh… h… hey!” Came the reply from his girlfriend.

“What are you up to?” Jim said, trying to strike up a conversation as he walked down the hallway towards their room.

“Nothing,” She replied.

It was a reply that Jim hated. No one was ever doing nothing.

“Are you-” He began to say as he went to open the door.

“NO! Don’t come in!” His girlfriend said and pushed the door shut on him.

“Why not?”

“I’m naked!”

Jim laughed, “Kylie, I am SO coming in now!”

He pushed his way in, only to see Kylie standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, fully clothed.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing,” Kylie replied again.

Kylie was standing nervously in the middle of the room, looking guiltily at Jim.

“Is there someone else here?” Jim asked

“No!,” Kylie said, “Why would you think that?”

“Because you’re being really suspicious,”

“No I’m not,” Kylie said as she walked out of the room, “What do you want for dinner?”

Jim stood in the room for a while and looked around.

What had she been up to?



The snow had stopped the next day and had been replaced by rain; Jim thought it was weird that snow could make him happy but rain made everything seem depressing.

He had the day off work and was walking around, trying to find something to do. He hated being stuck in side. Deciding to do something in doors because of the rain, Jim decided to catch a bus to the other side of town, where there was indoor baseball practice nets.

He stood at the bus stop, the rain coming down in a light drizzle, thinking about Kylie. She had seemed different after Jim had barged into the room, jumpy and on edge. Jim had dropped a chopping board on the floor, the resulting bang sounding like a gunshot, and she had flung herself to the ground. She had laughed it off, but she kept looking at the windows and was fussy about keeping the lights off.

The bus stopped in front of Jim, pulling him from his thoughts.

The bus was fairly full with only a seat near the back of the bus. A family was sitting in front of it, their little daughter not sitting on the seat but was small enough to stand on it.

Jim smiled at her as he took his seat next to the window behind them.

Bus rides were always quiet. It made Jim feel uncomfortable. No one would talk to each other, even if they knew each other.

The little girl in front of Jim kept looking back at him. He didn’t think much of it. Kids did weird things. He smiled and gave her a little wave.

She gasped and excitedly turned to her mother and said “Grandpa waved at me!”

Jim frowned.

Grandpa?  He didn’t have any kids. He was only twenty-five.

The mother said something quietly enough for only the little girl to hear before she shot a look back at Jim. Seeing him looking she quickly turned back to face the front of the bus.

Jim stared at the back of her head.

Surely he was just imagining things. Maybe the little girl had said something else.

The family got off at the same stop Jim did. The little girl looking back at him as he stepped off the bus. She waved again. Jim timidly waved back.

The little girl tugged on her mother’s hand and said “He did it again!”

This time Jim heard the mothers reply,” Stop it! He isn’t supposed to see us,”

Jim stopped mid step as he heard that. Not supposed to see us?

He turned around.

The family had their backs to him. He slowly started following them.

He was convinced he had heard right; they had been watching him!

They turned a corner and Jim followed.

He rounded the corner and for a second he thought he lost them. A sea of umbrella’s bobbing up and down made it hard to spot anyone.

He managed to spot them again just as they turned the next corner.

He hurried to catch up to them. The family walked around the block and headed into the indoor baseball practice nets. Jim followed them inside.

They were standing just in front of the entrance, seemingly looking for someone. Jim got close behind them so he could hear what they were saying.

“Where is he?” The husband asked.

“I don’t know, he said that this was when it happened,” The mother replied.

“Can you see grandpa?” The little girl asked.

“No honey, not yet,” The husband replied, standing on his tip toes and trying to look over everyone, at the nets.

“When did he say it happened? What time?” The mother asked the husband.

“He said he thinks it was between one and two sometime, he said he went down to the nets just for a bit of fun for a few hours just to hit a few balls,”

Jim and the mother both looked at their watches.

It was 1:15pm.

Jim was rather fond of his watch. His father had given it to him before he died. It wasn’t anything spectacular to look it. Just a black band with a gold buckle and gold outer rim on the watch face.  But his father had taught him how to tell time on it, and some day he wanted to do the same with his son.

“I don’t know why I still wear this thing, it’s so old,” The mother complained, shaking her wrist.

Jim caught sight of the watch and froze.

It was his watch.

On her arm.

How could that be? He looked at his watch again.

And then looked at hers.

It was.

It even had the same grey line on the band that his dad had drawn on it so he knew how far to tighten it.

Before the weirdness of the situation could settle in, the roof to the indoor centre came crashing down with an almighty BANG!!



Something smashed through the roof, trailing smoke as it slammed into the ground. People started screaming and running every which way, shouting about it being a missile or a bomb of some sort. But when it didn’t explode, people started crowding around the crater it had created, trying to see what had fallen amongst them.

Jim found himself at the edge of the crater, staring in wonder at the object in it. It looked smooth and was silver, the remaining lights that weren’t destroyed, flashing over it. It looked like a giant silver bullet. There were whispers about it being UFO, or a fallen satellite.

There was a hiss of escaping air and part of the pod fell to the floor. A figure fell out, slumping to the ground.

“Kylie!” Jim shouted as soon as he recognized the figure, the crowd all turned to look at him as he ran into the crater.

“Jim..” Kylie said weakly, trying to lift her arm. Jim put an arm behind her head to support it and looked her up and down, his mouth hanging open.

“Wha? how?,” He couldn’t find the right question to ask first, then he saw the wound in Kylie’s side, bleeding profusely.

“Someone call an ambulance!” He screamed to the now silent crowd. Almost everyone reached for their phones. Everyone except the family that Jim had followed there.

“It won’t matter Jim,” Kylie said then coughed, “I.. There’s so much I wish I could tell you,”

Jim looked at the pod then at Kylie, and for the first time noticed what she was wearing. It was some kind of uniform in purple and black. Skin tight.

Kylie coughed again and pulled Jim in closer, “It will all be explained, but I.. I.. need you to take this from me”

She pushed an orb into Jim’s hand, blood smearing on it, “This allows you to trav….”

Kylie’s head dropped to one side.

“Kylie…” Jim said and grabbed her shoulders “Kylie.. no no no….”

“There’s nothing you can do Jim,” A soft voice said to him.

He span around. The husband and mother of the family he followed were standing behind him.

“Get away from me!” Jim screamed.

“Let us help you,” The wife said in the same soft voice.

“Help me? You’ve been following me for years!”

The two parents looked at each other, slightly confused before the husband said, “Temporal Vacation”

“We can explain everything, just come with us,” The woman said turning back to Jim.

“I don’t even know you,” Jim replied.

“But you will. One day. Just let us help you now,”

Jim didn’t know what else to do. Nothing was making sense.

“She gave you this, right?” The husband said and pulled out an orb.

Jim looked at the blood smeared orb that Kylie had given him. They had a matching crack on them.

“Come with us, it will all make sense”

Jim stood up and nodded.

The husband pushed the ball out in front of him three times.

The air just in front of him started to shimmer, like the road does on a hot day on the horizon.

The little girl walked up to it and went straight through it, disappearing.

The crowd standing around gasped and started shouting.

“Quickly, we can’t take everyone!” The mother said before running through herself.

Jim hesitated. The husband grabbed him by his jacket and threw him through, before he jumped through himself.



Jim stumbled into the mother who had stopped abruptly in front of him.

“Sorry,” He muttered as he looked around, totally lost.

He was now out on the street, just outside the indoor centre.

“Did you just teleport me outside?” He asked, stunned.

“No,” The husband replied. But that was all he said.

Jim sat down on the side walk and hung his head down and put his hands over his head.

The gravity of what had just happened engulfed him, and he broke down.

Kylie was dead.

He didn’t even know why she died or why he had left her in there. Why had he left with a family that he didn’t even know, standing outside of the very place that she had died? The hole was even still smoking on the…

Jim looked at the roof and frowned, his tears stopping.

There was no hole. Or smoke coming from the roof. It was as if it nothing had happened.

He frowned. What was going on?

The family was ambling around in front of him. The mother and father looked anxious and kept looking up and down the street as they walked back and forth.  The little girl was playing with a stick in a puddle, pushing a leaf around that had fallen into the puddle but hadn’t sunk.

“Who are you?” Jim asked.

The parents span around and looked at him. Then looked at each other.

Neither of them answered.

‘Where is he?” The husband asked seemingly to himself, as he looked down the street again.

A car came around the corner and at first Jim didn’t pay it attention. He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to notice. Then the car stopped in front of them and that was when Jim noticed it.

The car was hovering.

He stared at it.

It was an unbelievable sight.

The car was a good two foot of the ground. There was nothing under it at all. Nothing to keep it up. There was a faint haze that you could only see if you stared at the bottom of the car for long enough. And it was quiet. No engine noise at all.

The car door opened and the Mother and Father with their daughter piled in. Jim remained sitting on the curb, staring at the car, the tears on his face starting to dry up.

“Jim, get in,” A voice from within the car said. The voice seemed faintly familiar to him.

Not sure why he was doing it, Jim got up and entered the car.

It looked like a limo.

There were two bench seats facing each other, which were leather. It squelched as Jim slid onto it. Jim was sitting next to the Husband who was next to his wife. She was sitting stony faced staring out of the window.

Their daughter was sitting across from Jim, looking between Jim and the older man sitting next to her. She had a wide smile on her face as she kept going back and forth, as if she was watching a Tennis match.

Finally she said, “You changed a lot grandpa!”

For a split second, Jim thought she was talking to him again.

“Well it was thirty years ago little one,” The old man said and lent forward.

The old man seemed to study Jim, peering at his face.

For his part, Jim studied the old man back.

White hair that was spattered with black here and there, blue eyes, scar running down his right cheek. He had the same nose as Jim.

The old man seemed to know Jim; there was recognition in his eyes. But Jim didn’t know him at all.

“Who are you?” Jim asked.

The old man smiled at him before saying, “don’t you recognize me?”

“Should I?”

The old man chuckled and lent back again but didn’t answer him, so he asked a new question.

“How did you get a car to hover?”

“Cars have always hovered!” The little girl chimed up.

The old man smiled and put his arm around her, “No my pet, they didn’t! Back when I was a young man, cars used to have wheels! They used petrol to get them moving! It was a very different time back then, than it is now!”

“Ohhh yeah! I know grandpa! We saw it!” The little girl said excitedly.

“Emma!” The mother said to the little girl in warning.

Emma sank back into the seat, with a frown and jutting out her bottom lip.

“It’s OK, Kristen. He’s going to find out soon enough,” The old man said.

“Who’s going to find out?” Jim asked impatiently, “What’s going on? What aren’t we getting Kylie? Where are you taking me?”

“Calm down,” The father said to him.

“No! I am not going to calm down till I get some answers! My girlfriend is dead! I’m in a car that hovers, going god knows where with people I don’t know and I left my girlfriend’s body behind!”

The father looked at the old man and said, “I see you were always short tempered!”

Jim stopped his rant at that, anger still coursing through him.

“I see where Emma gets her big mouth from John!” Kristen said, “We might as well tell him now,”

The old man lent forward again, excitement all over his face.

“Jim. What I’m about to tell you, is going to change everything for you. Forever”



Jim sat back in the arm chair he was now in, with no idea what to say.

They had driven to a house, parked the car (which stayed levitated even with the car off), and went inside. They went into the living room, had put Jim into one of the most comfiest arm chairs he had ever sat in, and the old man had stood in front of him. The mother and father had sat down in two other chairs and their daughter sat crossed legged on the couch, staring intently at the old man. Evidently she loved when he told stories. Then over a course of an hour, the old man explained almost everything.

Jim looked around, in shock.

Along the walls were shelves and pictures. There was a picture of him with a beautiful girl that he had never met. A picture of himself, with greying hair, with what looked like Kristen in a wedding dress. Right next to that was him standing next to the same beautiful woman in the previous photo, her in a wedding dress, him in a tuxedo with a white rose in his pocket. But it still wasn’t sinking in.

“I’m thirty four years into the future?” He finally asked.

“Yes,” The old man said.

“And you’re me in the future?”

The old man nodded.

“Why didn’t I recognize you-er… me?” Jim asked, this was going to be confusing.

“There’s been a theory around for years that we’ve never been allowed to test. That if we saw ourselves, we wouldn’t recognize ourselves. What we think we look like, when we look into a mirror, isn’t what we actually do look like,” The older Jim explained.

Young Jim just looked at his older self blankly.

“We only have ever seen ourselves in pictures or reflections. We’ve never actually laid eyes on our own face,” Older Jim tried.

“Oh,” Jim said as it made sense to him. He’d never thought of that before, “and sometime in the future, someone creates time travel and people time travel to periods of time for a holiday?”

Again his older self nodded.

“Is that why I’ve always thought people have been watching me?” Jim said.

Older Jim smiled and nodded again before adding, “My family and fans have wanted to see what I was like before everything. I’m something of a favourite Temporal Vacation spot!”

“Why?” Jim asked.

“Well… that’s a harder story to tell,” Older Jim said as he sat down in an arm chair. It looked warn out, but he looked comfortable enough in it.

“It all started when Kylie died,” he began, but young Jim started to tear up again.

Older Jim noticed. “It gets easier. After a while.”

He continued with his story, “In my past, my family didn’t come back and get me. Kylie gave me the time sphere. I didn’t know what it was. I left it on that shelf above the fireplace for years. I never touched it. I never moved it. It was there to remind me of her.

One day, I decided it was time to move out. I had almost finished packing everything; I just needed to pack the sphere. I almost dropped it as I was wrapping it, but I managed to catch it. As I pulled it back up, I noticed the rift open up. That’s what we call the hazy thing you walked through with John and Kristen. I put my hand in it and nearly soiled myself when it disappeared. I eventually gathered up the courage to put my head through, and it sucked me in. On the other side, I was standing in my apartment. Nothing had been packed. But the boxes were there, ready for it. Then I walked in. Only I didn’t know it was me. Neither me knew we were the same person. He threw a punch at me, which I blocked and out of reflex I hit him back. We fought for a while, before I caught sight of us both in a mirror. We looked exactly the same! I managed to stop the fight and we talked. We packed. And I was stuck in yesterday with my other self. It took both me’s forever to figure out how the sphere worked. See when I caught it and brought it back up it opened up the rift back by one day. So all I had to do was push it forward and the rift should open up and bring me back to my present right?”

Young Jim nodded, trying to keep up. It was weird hearing of another point in time that he had not experienced.

“But that’s not what happened, “Older Jim continued, “I was thrown forward to this time, where I was as I am now. He knew exactly what was going on. He told me how the sphere worked. And let me tell you, in that timeline we were pretty bad ass!”

“Dad! Not in front of Emma!” Kristen said.

“Sorry,” Older Jim said and winked at Emma. She giggled.

“In that timeline?” Jim asked.

“Yes, see this time sphere enables us to jump between timelines. I have no recollection of this event, even as we do it now. That’s because you are me from another timeline. Or parallel universe as some call it. This sphere can return you to your timeline. But only from the point of origin you came. In other timelines you can travel into the past or into the future.  Things vastly stay the same, but sometimes they can vary”

“What?” Jim said in a dull voice. This was really hard to understand.

“One rule that we’ve discovered is that where there’s death, there will always be death. Anyone who has died in any of the timelines will always die. It might not be the same way each time. But they will die at the exact same time. Its lead time scientists to believe that we are all connected. If I was to commit suicide all other versions of me would cease to exist. They would all die in some way. Freak accidents, like car crashes or plane crashes or murder are examples of how the timeline rights itself when one of the parallel you’s commit suicide.

The same rule applies to any major part of history. Hitler lives in all timelines. Man landing on the moon. Twin Towers falling, hover cars being invented, time travel being created and lots of other things that we never know. The only things that really change in each timeline are our choices. If we go left or right. If we break up or stay together. If we have coffee or tea. The tiny things change. But ultimately we all live the same life. If I refuse a well-paying job, you might take it. But something in your timeline will happen so that you end up exactly where I am but you just got there in a different way. Something in my timeline will happen to make sure I stay equal to you. It’s been called Karma, but in reality, it’s just the multiverse balancing things out. You can’t change the future. It’s designed to happen in a certain way. The problem with time travel is that it made Fate a very real thing. We all know it exists now. Religions say it’s the work of their divine power. Whichever way you rationalize it. Fate is real. You will end up having almost the same experiences as me. This is how you turn out. This is your family,”

Jim sat back and tried to let all of this sink in.

In the movies, time travel was something that was always fragile. If you messed with it, you changed everything. But according to his older self. No matter what you do, things always end up the same.

“So what happened to Kylie?” Jim asked.

A shadow passed across his older self, “Kylie was part of a government task force that specialized in protecting the past”

“But I thought you said everything will always end up the same?”

“It does. But there are still those who try to mess everything up. Time Terrorists we call them. They would go back in time and stop or make things happen sooner than they should have to change things here to suit their needs. We never know if they have done it because our memories adjust. They would travel to other timelines and change something in the past then travel to the future of that timeline and live there, reaping the rewards”

“And why is that bad?” Jim said not following.

“Because if they make something not happen or something happen sooner, it effects when that event happens in our timeline. The more things that get changed, the more unstable the time continuum becomes. Scientists have already warned that the continuum can be broken. Not exactly sure how they know that, but if too many things are changed it will cause the continuum to break and, the theory is, every time line will come together. That’s not a good thing because each timeline will try and occupy the same space. Imagine infinite houses all trying to occupy the one space. It couldn’t work. And no one even knows what would happen if that actually did happen,” Older Jim explained.

“So Kylie would travel through time and try to stop these guys?” Jim asked.

“Yes. She had Intel that there was a group that wanted to go back and stop Jesus from even being born. Which would end Christianity. There was no telling what that could do to the timelines. So she went back to stop them. She did stop them, then came  us at that indoor baseball park and gave us the orb,” Older Jim said.

“But why? What happened to her?”

“She knew that they weren’t done. She’d only stopped them for a while. They would try again. She gave us the orb so we could stop them,” Older Jim said, getting up and walking to the window, “just before she got into our timeline she was shot, there was never anything we could do,”

“How do you know all this?” Jim asked.

“One of the Kylie’s told one of the Jim’s when he went back and asked her exactly that, and he passed it on to the next Jim and so on and so on. Kind of like a family secret that got told to each of us when the time came,”

Jim went quiet, “How does she expect us to stop it?”

Older Jim chuckled to himself, “I hope you understand that when you start time travelling like this, ‘we’ takes on a different meaning. In the traditional sense ‘we’ aren’t going to. Only you are. Besides, ” Older Jim turned back to face his younger self, “‘we’ already have’.



Jim stepped out of the rift, wearing a purple and black skin tight suit. It was a male version of the suit Kylie had been wearing. Before he had left, Jim had asked his older self why people had come back to see him.

“I told you Jim, ‘We’ve’ already done it.”

“But how do they know? You said that everyone’s memories adjust,” Jim pointed out.

“Their minds don’t adjust when nothing changes,” Older Jim said.

“But how do they know?”

“When Time Travel gets invented… actually no… I’m going to let this one be a surprise,” Older Jim smiled.

Younger Jim didn’t even bother trying to argue. He would do this to people all the time. Start to tell them something then not tell them at all. No matter how much they begged.

And so now here he stood. It was middle of the night in the Middle East.

The stars lit up the sky, even though there was no moon. Sand stretched in every direction. Rising into dunes here and there. One star shone especially bright. He followed that.

As he walked he looked up. It was incredible. With no artificial lights he could actually see the milky way in the sky. It was peaceful and warm. There was no wind to speak of. And there was nothing around for miles to see. He kept following the brightest star in the sky. That’s the only piece of advice Older Jim had offered, as well as a small package he had warned him not to open until the time was right.

“How will I know?” Jim asked.

“Trust me, you’ll know,” Older Jim had said.

After ten minutes of walking in the sand, he saw a little pin prick of light in the distance. In the still of the night he could hear a man yelling over screams, “It’s OK Mary, I’m here!”

Jim made a beeline for the light.

“It’s just over there!” A voice called out, somewhere to the left of Jim.

He dropped to the floor, with no other hiding spots available he hugged the sand, hoping it would hide him.

Two men with Camels came into view; both were walking them instead of riding them.

“So they are expecting us?” One of the men said.

“Yes, and we are to present our gifts and-” The voice stopped.

Jim held his breath.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped.

The man had seen Jim and grabbed his shoulder.

“Oh good! You’re alive! I was worried!” The man said, then caught a look at what Jim was wearing, ‘What are these garments you are wearing?”

“I.. I don’t know,” Jim said, “I was following the star, I need to get to the baby,”

The two men looked at each other then back at Jim, “You seek Mary and Joseph?”

Jim nodded.

Instantly the second man grabbed a bundle off his camel and unwrapped it.

“Here, put these on. Those garments do not look very warm,” He said and handed Jim some clothes.

Jim, with the help from the two men, put on the clothes. They looked like robes, and the turban they put on his head made his head itch like crazy, but he didn’t complain. He joined them as they continued to walk to the speck of light.

“I hope they life our gifts,” One of the men said.

“Gifts?” Jim asked, wondering somewhere in the back of his mind, how he was able to understand them.

“Yes, we brought gifts for the newborn, I brought frankincense, and he brought myrrh. Both are used to help soothe and calm the new born babe. What have you brought?”

“Um..,” Jim quickly searched his pockets. He found the small package and took it out. It was a piece of paper wrapped around something. He unwrapped it and a nugget of gold the size of his hand was inside it. The paper had a note on it, which he recognized as his own handwriting.

It read: You should be understanding right about now. Future Jim.

It was just like himself to write ‘future Jim’ on a note. Then a sudden realization burst into Jim’s head.

“Oh no way…”

There was a haze in the air not far in front of them. Jim looked at it, thinking it was odd. Normally a heat haze only happened when the sun was out. Too late, Jim realized what it was.

Two other men burst out of the rift, quickly followed by a girl dressed the same as Jim.

One man rushed her and she was engaged. The other man produced a gun and fired. In the muzzle flash, Jim recognized the girl. It was Kylie!

She crumpled over as the blast went into her stomach and she fell over. Jim rushed over to her.

“Kylie!! No no no no not again!” He was saying as he reached her, the two mean taking off in the direction of the stable.

“Jim!” She said weakly, smiling and reached up to his face, “You know..”

“Yes!” Jim sobbed, tears springing into his eyes, holding her hand onto his cheek, “Yes I do”

“Then you know what you have to do,” She said.

Tears pouring down his eyes, Jim took her gun that she offered him, and using her hand, pulled the orb back hard. The rift opened up.

“Put me in Jim, and thank you! Make sure you end this!”

Jim lifted Kylie up and with a nod from her, threw her into the rift. He poked his head through to see if he had put her into the right timeline.

To his horror he realized that he had somehow dropped her into the sky. But as he watched, she pushed something on her suit and the pod constructed itself around her. He watched as it dropped to almost the size of a pin head and crashed into a building below. He knew where she was.

He pulled his head back into the past, a look of grim determination on his face. He lifted the gun and got into the firing stance he had seen a million times on movies and video games. He took aim through the scope on the gun.

As the two guys who were running towards the little cabin, they had to climb a sand dune and they went into single file.

One shot was all that was needed.

Jim’s arms bounced upwards from the recoil.

The blast went through the man at the back, who flung his arms up in the air and fell down, the other one seemed to trip and land face first in the sand. Both of the bodies dropped and slide down the sand dune. Sand continuing to run over their bodies when they got to the bottom.

Jim turned and his two travelling companions were standing directly behind him, mouths open.

“Let’s go,” Jim said, “this is important”



As Jim stood with the two men inside the little stable, looking down on the little baby in his crib, the proud parents on the other side, a rift opened up. It opened up wide. Wide enough for Jim to see through it.

There was a crowd of people, all standing mouths open, in shock. Jim could see cars, and as he looked a plane flew through the sky. Then just as suddenly as it appeared. It disappeared.

“What was that?” Joseph said.

“A glimpse of the future,” Jim said.



Jim had put the sphere on the mantel above the fireplace after his adventure a year ago.

He laughed through his nose as he looked at it.

Things really did end up the same.

He looked into the mirror in his room, his purple and black Time suit hanging next to it, along with his gun.

Well something things changed.

After he got back from the birth of Jesus, a rift opened up in his living room.

A man had stepped out of it, wearing a suit and a sombre expression.

“Jim?” He had said, his voice was deep.

Jim nodded.

“We at the Time Forces would like to thank you for your service,”

“Don’t mention it,” Jim had said, and fell down onto his couch.

The man in the suit had sat down as well, “There is something we would like to discuss with you,”


“Kylie’s position on the Time Displacement squad needs to be filled. We are facing constant threats, all the time. We need someone we can count on. Kylie already recommended recruiting you, and after what has happened, we would like to extend that offer to you,” The man said.

Jim had been quiet, deep in thought.

The house had creaked as both men sat still, as if waiting in anticipation for Jim’s answer.

Jim had thought about everything he knew, and everything he didn’t and what he could learn. He thought about his family that he was one day going to have, and of his future wife. He also thought about Kylie and how she had never told him what she was. Finally, he had looked at the Orb.

“Offer accepted.”

Jim smiled at the memory.

It was just beginning to go dark and on the anniversary of all those events, Jim decided to go to his local bar and have a couple of beers. He ordered his first and sat down at a table and looked around. No one knew what he had done. No one knew that Time Travel existed. And he could travel to where ever or whenever he wanted.

It felt good.

He was watching the T.V that was in the bar when a news bulletin flashed up. He couldn’t hear over the din of the bar but he saw the headline on the banner underneath the news reporter. “TIME TRAVEL: IS IT HERE?” He smiled and then looked at the bar, and noticed a woman sitting by herself. He could only see half of her face, but even so, she looked familiar. He got up, having finished his first beer and went to get another. That’s when he recognized her. He had seen her before. In pictures. One from their own wedding. He smiled to himself and went over to her.

“You don’t know this yet, but we’re going to get married,”



Published by Kyle Ricketts