Deep down, we all know the fleeting nature of our existence.
Blue and lilac sky, clouds as our thoughts, passing by.
Moments in time that change and morph and become our demons and our dreams.
It is all temporary. It will all change. It is all one stroke in the watercolour of our existence.

Permanancy is a tattoo, it is there and it hurts and then too many hours in the salt and sand and sun fade it into something that is forgotten. Such is love. Such is friendship. Such is pain and glory. Permanence is not lasting. Nothing is. 

In our moments of clarity, at 1am when the moon is peeping in through curtains at our loneliness, we understand truly how passing everything is. We know that the night will turn to light, our pain to apathy, our love to smoldering ashes from a tumbling flame.

At every other moment though, we are not so aware. We feel that the choices we make will affect us for eternity, as if we will exist that long. But we won't.

We are selfish, unkind, rushing and tired. Waiting for the life to change into something better. But we fear change.

Life is a mosaic, a series of moments like tiles all interlaced, similar but each one different.

And what is more beautiful - tiles of many shades of white, or a rainbow of memories, opportunities and chances taken?

Everything is temporary, deep down you know. Take this as your sign to do the unthinkable, try the unimaginable, and to take advantage of our temporary existence. 

Published by Zoe Taylor