The moment you living, every emotion you feeling or any problem you facing, Everything is impermanent. What you have today may not be with you tomorrow. That happiness, sorrow, anger or any other emotion you feeling, TEMPORARY. Time will change, sooner or later but it will. For sure. Even the life we’re living is temporary. Nothing is permanent in this life. A famous quote says-


Whether its a good time or bad, it will change. Your problems won’t be problems always. They’ll be solved. With time you’ll get the solution or you’ll accept that this problem cannot be solved. We love to travel to mountains in summers but that is temporary happiness. You know where ever you go, you eventually have to come home. So yeah maybe we sometimes want to experience temporary happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happy? But life doesn’t work that way. Morris Mandel says-


Never make permanent decisions on temporary feeling. When we’re low-spirited we tend to make immature or wrong decisions which land us into troubles. Never make any decision out of any current emotion you’re feeling. Calm yourself down and then think clearly about every possible scenario and reach a conclusion. If you have any goal, take the pain because pain is temporary. Pride is forever. As they say, No pain No gain.

Never invest your time in temporary people. We pretend but we kind of know from inside that how the connection is going to be. You know it when you connect with someone mentally, emotionally. Your energies are genuine. Your vibes match. Those type of people are worth investing.

So, take it easy. A good thing about bad time is is passes and a bad thing about good time is it also passes. So everything will pass eventually. Sit back, invest your time wisely and never let your emotions overpower your intelligence and let you make false decisions.

Published by Sahil Sachdeva