If you haven't stepped outside recently, you might have noticed that it is in fact summer. Living in Arizona I am reminded of that the instant I leave the house. However, that doesn't mean I don't love this time of year any less! As a college student, summer is one step short of paradise!  This is the time of year I look forward to from the moment spring break ends! At last the time is here and I am in love! I think most students can relate to exactly why that's the case.

1. More time for reading:  Every reader (at least every reader who is a student) cherishes the summer because they know that means it's time to catch up on pleasure reading! Not a single textbook shall be cracked!

2. Poolside/tanning: If you're like me and go to school up north, then your legs never see the light of day. When summer hits and I get to come back home to the valley where the temperature hits triple digits, one of the first things I do is hit the pool! And you know what goes so well with tanning? Reading!

3. Netflix: Ok this one is a given! I binge watch so many shows during the summer time, especially since there is absolutely no time during the school year to catch up. It's so much fun to just sit there for hours and let the world melt away as a new one unfurls on the screen! So far this summer I've watched Gotham and Chuck! I would definitely recommend watching either one.

4. Meeting up with friends: I have friends that go to all different schools around the state and country. The summer is the perfect time to catch up with friends I don't usually get to see during the school year!

5. Stress free zone: Detoxing from stress comes so easily when there are no exams to study for and no homework to be struggling over. Summer is the perfect time to recharge and rejuvenate!

6. Vacation: Whether its a day, a weekend, or a week, vacations are abound! College summers are the perfect time to pick up and road trip with friends.

7.Extra work hours: Summer jobs save my financial butt! During the school year I am a full time student, so the summer months are the only time I work. This summer in particular, I am working two part time jobs that I absolutely love!

8. Time to do those things you said you would: Each year I make a summer to do list of all the things I've been meaning to finally accomplish! Setting goals early on helps keep me motivated to at least be somewhat productive in between the Netflix/reading!

9. Exercising: There is so much more time to get in a good long work out each day and prep for that bikini! This summer, my go to has been Daily Burn, each day a brand new 30 minute workout is posted! These work outs are geared toward any one of all ages and will whip you into shape in no time!

10. Sleep:this is the most precious thing of all. Even if you're working, for a college student the time to do the most sleeping is definitely during the summer!


Published by Brigit Mannino