For many of us Mother’s Day is like an occasion, which we celebrate with pure joy and excitement. Some of us do feel that making it special for our moms is necessary in order to acknowledge their effort and commitment towards us. Yes, I totally agree with that. From arranging parties to buying best Mother’s Day gifts, this day has become more like a festivity!

The article below brings down some unique things to do with your moms to make this day a memory for them, rather than showering them with expensive gifts and fancy celebrations.

1. Take a Vacation

A vacation or a weekend off is sometimes very important to give your mom the time she needs. You both should really go out, and treat yourselves with all the pampering you deserve.

2. Watch a new show together

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be special. This Mother’s Day finds a nice TV show and spends the day lying on the couch while catching up with all that you have missed.

3. Try something new

Have you guys been planning for something crazy since a long time? Such as taking that art class, cooking Chinese food, or visiting that old friend. Look Mother’s Day as a unique opportunity to make this special for your mom.

4. Redecorate your house

Your mom would absolutely love this idea. Helping her in redecorating the house or furnishing the kitchen will surely make her feel happy. You could change the house’s settings or paint any worn-out walls or windows. Little things where you both can spend time together will mean a lot to her.

5. Pamper Yourself

How about booking a spa day or going for a lavish manicure? Your mom will definitely be interested. It is obvious you can’t take time to pamper yourself when on work or busy with studies. However, this couldn’t be any better for you both! 

6. Declutter

Help your mom clean wardrobes or drawers if there is plenty of extra clothes and accessories. Declutter old things to make space for new ones.

7. Volunteer somewhere

Try to spend the day with people who do not have families or the blessing of a Mother. Volunteer at local places; spend time with children who don’t get to celebrate this day with their family.

9. Cook a nice meal for both of you

Make your mom’s favorite meal and spend the Sunday relaxing.

10. Run errands together

I am sure there would a long list of pending errands for your Mother. Go shopping together or do groceries so that you can make her feel that you are there for her.

11. Go to the Movies

Going to watch your Mother’s favorite movie could be a great idea. Grab some popcorns and book the best show for Sunday where both of you could relax and end the weekend together.


Published by Edna Francis