I never believed in them until they hit...Since the day my son was born, he was so sweet, so happy, listened so well, and was learning at incredible speeds...But then, out of the blue, here they came...The whirlwind of terror, the evil of the toddler....THE TERRIBLE TWO'S <insert evil piano music>.  It comes in bursts, like we won't have an issue for a few weeks, then BAM!  We are on the second day in a row of the headaches my son has caused..Listening is next to none. All thoughts of having the most perfect offspring ever vanished...LOL. All of you who don't have kids are like, "whatever, ya crazy momma drama" just you wait, your time is coming. ;)  It's so chaotic that I am counting down to bedtime which seems to be a far off dream!  The only part of this whole phase that bothers me so much is that he is so well behaved! But we go out today and he runs off with my car keys while I am at the Pharmacy, then screams at me for holding his hand in a parking lot, running amuck at a cafe, thrashing my house (worse than normal), and just being downright attitude filled.  Drives.Me.Nuts.  This kid does so good 99% of the time, but these days momma can't handle! As I am sure you parents out there have felt too!  It gets overwhelming.  Being a stay-at-home mom means my work day doesn't end until about 11pm, which by then I am so drained, I pass out with my son in arms.  It's so crazy! At least the Hubs gets to escape to a 10 hour job 4 days a week and fishing the other 3 days, LOL.  
Oh, well, that is life.  Just kills me on how true the terrible twos are! No parenting book out there can remotely prepare you for this crazy sh*t! Gotta love it! Mommahood=the best! ;)

Published by Domenique Everett