So how is your week going?!

It is currently Thursday but as I was super busy yesterday I didn’t have time to blog, but I need to tell you all about my terrific Tuesday! My day started of by signing up to my new course getting in contact with my tutor and getting all my assignments together. Now I have not gone into much detail about my running yet but basically I run A LOT, and train every day!! I love it I feel free and strong when I run its my love. I am a UK affiliated athlete and I run for a club called Nene Valley Harriers in Peterborough. I run races lots of 5ks, 10ks and 10 mile races, mainly on the road, some will be like trail, path maybe some even slightly cross country. I started of running when I was about 7. I have always got so nervous, yet excited and used those emotions in my races. so far this year I have gained 5 medals to my medal hanger, I try to do at least one race a month, mostly 10ks. I train most days and off course have my rest days (they are needed) but yes there it is, a brief summary on what I love..

Now on Tuesday I ran a 5k a ‘race for life 5k’ for my auntie Jean who is currently battling cancer. There were 1,800 people racing, I don’t really feel very strong in 5k races I prefer 10ks but I thought I would raise some money and as I’m a runner it would make my auntie Jean very happy that one of my races was dedicated all to her. I started up in the runners section, there was a lot of us, and a lot of good runners, some really talented. When I started off I was in the top 5, I just moved between 2,3,4 and 5th place a lot, the race was tough, 5k is quick. I have a muscular-skeletal condition too (will go into detail another time) and some quick paced, sprint races can be tough for my body to cope with, but I stuck it out thinking about my auntie Jean my crazy life, as I raced round. my dad (my coach) and my friend came to support me, hearing them cheering and shouting my name made me push on, and also hearing music, cheers and claps from the crowd was amazing. as I came towards the finish, 1st and 2nd place were well in front I couldn’t catch them I couldn’t push anymore even though I tried and I really did try I broke away from the group towards the end, and striding out, as coach screamed my name, i moved up and up… I got 3rd place!

I was so very happy, with my condition its been really hard lately but i got 3rd place, a medal, my photo taken, I raised 230 pounds so far, i got a personal best time of 23:16 and a interview with heart radio! crazy! I was on a great high after this, I had a little warm down then went home to see my family, eat some oats, and have a cuddle with my baby bunny rabbit. was a terrific Tuesday indeed..

I then heard myself on the radio this morning my boyfriend and I listened at about 8:45am I felt like I sounded very squeaky hehe, it was super exciting, a great experience and awesome for my running career..

Happy Tuesday
Much Love J


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