DHS Official: I Was Ordered to Destroy Records for Islamic ... 

Patrick Haney an ex-official with our Homeland Security came out of the woodwork and shared the extremely disturbing news that he and co-workers had been ordered to scrub//and or destroy all records that existed on Islamic terrorist organizations and jihadists.

In other words Obama and his “dirty” gang employed a plot to remove all evidence linking back to terrorists.  Patrick’s information starts back in 2009 when the underwear bomber attempted to massacre 290 travelers on Christmas day. 

23 year old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airlines with his underwear packed full of explosives.  Umar was apprehended and stopped before any of the 290 passengers were killed or maimed. 

But, here’s where the story gets nasty – Obama blamed Homeland Security for fumbling the information concerning Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  He threw the Homeland Security employees under the bus and over the cliff.

Homeland Security employees had been used as the gopher to hide Obama’s attempt to scrub all materials relating to terrorists.  

These employees knew they had been instructed to destroy information on terrorists or would be terrorists – this was information that they had been collecting for years.

Here’s the definition of a “traitor.”  Traitor | Definition of Traitor by Merriam-Webster



Definition of traitor. 1: a person who is not loyal or true to a friend, duty, cause, or belief or is false to a personal duty. 2: a person who betrays his or her country: a person who commits treason.

Obama is a traitor and intentionally placed Americans in harm’s way; he has betrayed his Country.   

Patrick states that about 1 month prior to the underwear bomber’s attack, he and his co-workers had been instructed to delete or modify the records of several hundred people connected to terrorist organizations. 

One must have proof to accuse anyone of being a “traitor.   Yes, I have more than enough proof to share with Americans that this person some call “Commander in Chief,” has turned on his Country.  

Murder follows Obama like flies on a dirty hog.  There is no way to count or even estimate how many murders that he is responsible for, but as Commander In Chief he has accumulated more body bags than Hillary and Bill Clinton. 

Here are but a few of the malicious, intentional actions of Obama that has caused harm to Americans.

1.Benghazi terrorist attack – he split, left the White House to go to Vegas for a campaign speech.  He did absolutely nothing to save our 4 American men who were massacred by terrorists.

  1. He funded the Fast and Furious gunrunner scheme with our money which allowed weapons to go across our border into Mexico.  4 Americans were slayed by these weapons an hundreds of Mexican men, women and children.
  2. He gave the Muslim Brotherhood millions of dollars plus armed them with United States weapons so they could take over Egypt. 
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This information above is just a small piece of the “traitor’s pie,”  there is enough accurate information out there including Arab Springs and other Mid East Countries that verifies Obama was not only in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood; he is attached at the hip with these terrorists. 

Quietly Obama plays his chess game bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to our White House.  America we have a rat in our icebox and he’s been there for 7 years and 1 ½ months. 

Don’t even pretend that we don’t have a Commander in Chief that is a traitor – call him anything you like but he has turned on our Country and regardless of his sheep’s clothing (A Muslim worshipper and abettor from head to toe.)

Patrick Haney isn’t a whistle blower; he’s a US Patriot trying to keep our Country safe.  For sure, Patrick’s life is in danger. 

Hopefully he has armed himself with documents and/or emails that back up all of the information in this report.  Now that Patrick has taken a stand, maybe a few more brave co-workers will join him. 

Any person or person (Obama) who would order Homeland Security employees  to scrub/and or destroy records that exist on Islamic terrorist organizations and jihadists is a TRAITOR and you can take that to the bank. 

May God Bless America 

As Always,

Little Tboca

PS     If one but takes a little time, they will discover that Hillary Clinton was in on Obama’s plot to arm the terrorists.   It is evident that those supporting Clinton don’t really care that she is in fact a main player.  Look no further than the Benghazi terrorist attack.  She Lied, Lied and is still Lying!

Published by Marcia Wood